Designer 3.1.1

Create intelligent menus having beautiful GUI with navigation, buttons and more!

  1. 3.1.1

    • Fix | Solved some items missing in menus for 1.14.
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  2. 3.1.0

    • New | Updated to support Minecraft 1.14.1.
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  3. 3.0.1

  4. 3.0.0

    Big news: Designer has been acquired by MineAcademy, a new educational platform for Minecraft. All functionality remains the same however you can expect more quality updates in the future as well as better, faster customer support.

    This is the initial MineAcademy release. All classes have been repackaged to contain "org.mineacademy". There were no significant breaking changes so we consider this release stable.
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  5. 2.0.0

    A major recode. Now uses CompatBridge library which has also been recoded.

    Added full documentation and much easier to use.
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  6. 1.0.7

    This version merges all changes from 1.0.5 and 1.0.6:
    • Improve | Updates the pom.xml for Minecraft 1.13.
    • Fix | Solved doubled imports to CompatBridge when importing this library.
    • Fix | Fixed a null pointer exception in ItemCreator.