dHEAD 1.1

get the players head on you server

  1. daniexx12
    This is a simple plugin to take the head of a player on your server

    /head <playername>
    To get the head of the player

    Este é um plugin simples para pegar a cabeça de um player no seu servidor

    /head <jogador>
    Para pegar a cabeça do player

    » This is one of my first plugins
    » Esse e um dos meus primeiros plugins

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Recent Reviews

  1. HeadGam3z
    Version: 1.0
    Nice! Works perfectly. Although, it would be cool if a message was sent to the sender. Someone along the lines of, "Here's <player>'s head!"
    1. daniexx12
      Author's Response
      I try to add it in the next update