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Have you ever dreamed about having a phone in Minecraft? We all have, and now is your chance!

  1. DoggyCode
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    Brief Overview
    Have you ever dreamed about having a phone in Minecraft? We all have, and now is your chance!

    As of now, the plugin offers the most "important" features (which I will state further down), but due to the plugin being fairly new you can expect awesome new features and updates sooner or later. To-Dolist is also further down.

    The concept is simple and yet advanced: When logging on the server you do not own a phone, you have to manually register it which you do by performing the "/register" command. Once you are registered, you will be saved and you can logout, server can restart, etc... and you do not have to register again. And just like in real life, you have to fill out certain credentials/criteria in order for your phone to fully function. The criteria includes now but is not limited to later: Name, Desired Phone number, and Address; please note that you may use fake name, fake phone number (not your IRL number), and fake address- we don't want creeps to be stalking you because they found out your Minecraft-phone number! The number also has a criteria it has to reach itself: it must be 8-digits long (as in the case of Norway's defaults), and it must be unique (i.e: you cannot have the same phone number as another registered phone on the server)- and that's it!

    The registering system is designed to make it as simple as possible for you. When your registration process has begun, and it asks you for certain information, just type it out aloud in chat; don't worry though, your message won't show up publicly in chat.

    The cool part: when you're all set, you can dial (call) other registered users (phones). When you call/dial someone they have 20 seconds (will be made configurable) to respond, if they don't respond, stuff goes on as normal and you can call again or call someone else. If the player you are calling chooses to answer your call (by using "/answer"), you two then may start communicating. "How do we communicate?", simple- just type your messages aloud in chat (again, don't worry, it won't be shown public). Both of you can end the call at whatever moment you like (by using "/endcall"). After ending a call you may start dialing other people and you can chat normally again. Please note that you can also use "/endcall" to not answer a incoming call or if you're the caller, cancel your call.

    P.S: As for now, you may not use Usernames (i.e: "/dial;text;etc PvPdog"), you would have to actually use the number which you can get by asking the player (like in real life!). Appropriate usage example: "/dial 73546372".

    The plugin now also offers a GUI Phone User Interface (download latest version: 2.0).

    Using all the phone's function REQUIRES you to be registered!

    Commands / Permissions
    register: Register for a phone

    account: View your credentials

    dial: Make a call

    answer: Answer a incoming call

    endcall: End an on-going call

    text: Text someone

    myphone: Open phone

    dialhelp: Dial - Help central

    NO PERMISSIONS! as for now.

    The plugin is VERY new and a lot of features are coming soon, hopefully. Here's a list of features which I got in my mind: ✓ = done

    • Texting ✓
    • Account lookups
    • Contacts ✓
    • GUI Phone User Interface ✓
    • Funny/simple apps (maybe?) ✓
    • Ability to edit your credentials (like Phone number)
    • Add battery - life to phone (MAYBE???)
    • Ability to turn off phone
    • Ability to setup centrals with special numbers (like 911) where multiple people with a specific permission can choose to answer. This can maybe be a very cool idea for a staff support central.
    I am open to new ideas! I am not very creative myself.. Haha.

    PvPdog/Marius/DoggyCode - Author, Manager

    I cannot stress this enough, plugin is very new, and you will most probably encounter some bugs I haven't yet- so report it ASAP so I can fix it and update the plugin!

    The plugin will also become MUCH more configurable.

    Change-Log / Updates

    • Added simple texting (will get more advanced)
    • Cleanup Code for optimization
    • Minor changes
    • ChatEvent is now cancelled whenever credentials are being entered
    v2.0, BIG UPDATE!

    • A Phone User GUI Interface created!
    • Contacts added
    • Funny/simple apps: Browser
    Please note that the Interface is only the beginning, a lot will be added and edited to make it look a lot better


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Recent Reviews

  1. Bolean
    Version: 2.1
    Very Very Nice idea wow tthanks nice but please add more features to make it more awesome and thanks alot
    1. DoggyCode
      Author's Response
      Working on it, read the to-do list and/or write some suggestions in discussion. Thank you for your review!
  2. Dragon_12dk
    Version: 2.1
    The new version is great! Everything works as it should, It bring a whole new side to the game. And it is a wonderful feature to have! Thank you very much for the work you have put into this! (Cant wait for the ability to change account credentials, Once that works this plugin will be beyond amazing)
    1. DoggyCode
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it. Working on fixing that one bug with contacts rn
  3. Dragon_12dk
    Version: 2.0
    So far, it is very cool! looking forward to the upcoming features! The phone GUI is a very nice touch.

    However I have a few bugs, when you answer a call, you cant hear the other side. and it sreems at you saying that the number is not valid... If this could be fixed that would be awesome, also is there a way to change your info after you register? because that would be helpful.
    1. DoggyCode
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I will make sure to fix this ASAP, and it only displays "Number does not exist" if none of the files contains a registered number. Atleast, it should. And what do you mean that you can't hear the other side? Text-wise?

      Example of files:
      number: 72321234
      number: 66621234
      If 1 would like to call 2, he would have to type "/call 66621233", and only that, and vice versa. The plugin would search all existing files like this, and if it founds the number, it returns true, else, it returns false. Just note that if it founds the number, and the owner of the UUID is not online, it will still find it, but return false and send a message saying that the phone is off, which is relevant.

      Note: you cannot literally talk in your microphones to each other, read the description, as that WOULD require a client-side mod, which plugins cannot offer.

      Hope this cleared some stuff! If you have more questions, ask, but please read the description first.