Diamondcloud BETA-1.5

A simple cloud that does its jop.

  1. seeliqer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • Mutli-Root
    • Multi-Proxy
    • Template-System (global and task templates)
    • API
    • Spigot, Bungeecord support
    • SQL-Support
    • Ingame Commands
    • Execute commands on Minecraft servers from the controller.
    • Addons
    • OnlyProxyJoin
    • Cloudsigns
    • CloudLog
    • Download and unzip the files.
    • Run controller.jar
    • Follow the setup instructions.
    • Create a client using the "create" command and start it.
    • Create a task with the "create" command.
    • Enter "help" to get an overview of the commands.
    • Make sure that each server has the ServiceApplication when it starts.
    Commands and Permissions
    • /cloud » diamondcloud.commands.cloud
    • /hub » diamondcloud.commands.hub
    • /id » diamondcloud.commands.id
    • /serveramount » diamondcloud.commands.serveramount
    The CloudSign addon allows you to enter the servers via signs.
    This system is based on the signs of GommeHD.net, for example.

    /cloudsigns » cloudsigns.commands.cloudsigns

    This addon is only available in Minecraft version 1.8.
    With CloudLog you can upload the latest.log file to Pastbin. The /log (Permission: cloudlog.commands.log) command is available for this purpose.

    The cloud is still in beta. Errors may occur. Please report errors if you get any.


Recent Updates

  1. New feature
  2. Hotfix
  3. New Addon: CloudLog