DiceFurniture Plugin / Möbel Plugin 3.4.2

Furniture, ArmorStand, ProtocolLib, FurnitureLib, Möbel

  1. DiceFurniture 3.4.2 REUPLOAD

    DiceFurniture 3.4.2 Changes:
    • Fix Guillotine Oblation location problem reported by @Lord_Anthony
    • Fix "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot measure distance between city and world" reported by @bbayu shame on me to forget the world equals check :oops:
    • All another changes can be found here ->...
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  2. DiceFurniture 3.4.2 Update

    DiceFurniture Update 3.4.2
    • Update Code for FurnitureLib Typo Fix #39d1d58a
    • Fix Streetlamp "BlockRedstoneEvent" #5dabe94b
    • Add Camera functionality...
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  3. DiceFurniture 3.4.1 Update

    You need FurnitureLib 2.1.6 or higher to run these Plugin

    1. NMS Based BlockColor Handling to add Function for old Spigot versions.
    Best Regrads Ste3et_C0st
  4. DiceFurniture 3.4 Update

    You need FurnitureLib 2.1.6 or higher to run these Plugin
    DiceFurniture 3.4 changes:
    1. Add support for 1.9 - 1.15
    2. New Model handeling and loading
    3. Thanks for over 150.000 Downloads :)o_O

    Best Regrads Ste3et_C0st
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  5. Update

    DiceFurniture (Spigot 1.13-1.14) Update
    • Fix 1.14 Bugs with the DiceFurniture Plugin

    DiceFurniture (Spigot 1.9-1.12) Update

    • No Changes

    Upload DiceFurniture as ZIP Archive to prevent people need support to download DiceFurniture for 1.12
  6. Update

    Works only with the new FurnitureLib.
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  7. Update

    • 1.13 Changes
      • Fix *.dModel files please remove all DiceFurniture *.dModel files from the /plugins/FurnitureLib/models
      • the old *.dModel files deos not include the right blocklist index
  8. Update 1.13

    First Update for 1.13 please Report any kind of bugged Furniture.
  9. Update

    Download this version if you want to use it with the new FurnitureLib.
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  10. Update

    1. Log
      1. Wrong registration of blocks and entitys
    2. GraveStone
      1. Is missing the ProejectClickEvent
    3. Crossbow
      1. Have a wrong angle on different looking faces
    4. Campfire2
      1. light glitch
    Reported by @bottomdumber