DiceGraveStoneOfDeath 1.5b

DiceFurniture, FurnitureLib, ProtocolLib

  1. Ste3et_C0st

    Depends: DiceFurniture

    This Plugin will Spawn an Grave Stone from the DiceFurniture plugin.

    if the gamerule keepInventory enable it does not spawn an graveStone.
    it Spawn only one gravestone for every player.
    Then the player die again the old GraveStone are remove and the saved inventory are delete.


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Recent Reviews

  1. morsay07
    Version: 1.3b
    Very good plugin, perfect for rpg survival server, author is activ and accept request, all bugs are resolved. Sorry for my english.
  2. Mabus
    Version: 1.0b
    AWESOME PLUGIN! SMALL USEFULL AND WORK NICE! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  3. crston
    Version: 0.9a
    Oh now it is good Quick edit Quick reply Thanks
    Thanks to the developers
    You are is good Developer
  4. NoDeschPro
    Version: 0.7
    Da ich weiß, dass du Deutsch kannst, schreibe ich mal auf Deutsch :D

    Gutes Plugin, aber könntest du auf die 1.11.x updaten? bzw allg updaten, weil die OffHand wird nicht supportet ^^'
    Sowie könntest du es auch einstellbar machen, dass der Grabstein nicht immer an der Oberfläche spawnt, sondern auch wenn man in ner höhle stirbt, dass dort dann der Grabstein spawnt?
    Wäre schon zum vorteil. :)

    Danke vielmals :)
  5. LatePacket
    Version: 0.5
    Would it be possible to not depend on having dice furniture installed and just use furnitureLib? because It would be nice to have it as a lightweight feature thanks! No problem if you can't it just would be cool :3
  6. Mabus
    Version: 0.5
    Fix please dupe items by gravestone of death. All armor items like boots chest and other DOUBLING by grave.
  7. Mabus
    Version: 0.4.3
    MORE MORE USABYLITY!!!!! AWESOME PLUGIN! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. LatePacket
    Version: 0.4 REUPLOAD
    Should make it so that the old Grave stone breaks and the items drop instead of delete or add an option to have multiple. that would be awesome :)
  9. PassiIam
    Version: 0.4
    Awesome Plugin *-*
    But could you add a option, so the gravestone sill spawns if you have "Keep Inventory" True? Because I'm creating a RPG Server and I want this feature but I also want the players to keep their inventory ^^"
  10. Cube_of_ages
    Version: 0.2
    Works well except for one thing: the gravestone doesn't appear for me until after i log off and back on. Maybe the chunk needs reloading? Other than that, it works fine though.

    EDIT: It only has problems if I die and respawn in very close proximity. If I'm far away, the gravestone appears just fine, and if I leave the area and come back, then the gravestone appears just fine.