DiceGraveStoneOfDeath 1.5b

DiceFurniture, FurnitureLib, ProtocolLib

  1. Update


    • Fix some bugs with the new FurnitureLib
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  2. Bug Fix

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  3. Update


    • The plugin use now the ProtectionManager of the FurnitureLib and can check the area who the player die, at some protection
      • if a player die in a protection erae who he cannot build no gravestone will be spawned
    • The config.yml have a new point InstantSpawnOnDeath
      • the gravestone will bespawned before the player click the respawn button this will be helped for pvp servers
      • the config must be removed and load again i think to update it.
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  4. Update

    Bugfix: Fix NullpointerException reportet by @DanielTravi thanks
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  5. Update

    • BugFix:
      • Then a player respawn after a disconnect the gravestone deos not spawn
      • bug reported by @DanielTravi thanks
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  6. Update

    • Then the player die at a block who is not exact 1 block high the plugin search for a new Location
    • Then the player die in a 1x1 field the gravestone search a new Location
    • Player with the toggle state can now break her gravestone.
    • Thanks to @Mabus it send me the bugs.
    • This version need the newest FurnitureLib.
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  7. Reupload

    sorry i have compile the plugin in the wrong folder and have release the last update again :oops:.

    for the changelog look at the last update.
  8. Update

    This is a hotfix for the new DiceFurniture.
  9. Update

    • The plugin deos not more search about the highest level on the player death Location.
      • but then the player die into lava/water it deos search the next air location and place the gravestone on this position
      • thanks @Rocoloco @MattAKAFred
    • The plugin deos not more work with the InventoryContents
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  10. Update

    The plugin use now the Post events