Difficulty Management 1.0

Allows better difficulty management and per-player difficulty

  1. zmolahah
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    Simply put this allows you to change the difficulty per-player without effecting PVP. For example someone on easy difficulty would not have an advantage over a player on hard mode since it only effects mob damage

    • permission support
    • configuration
    • allows player's to have a unique difficulty
    • supports peaceful, easy, normal, hard and hardcore
    • easy players will not have an advantage over hard players
    1. Download Skript. This works with 2.2
    2. Run your server to generate the Skript folder, go into the Skript scripts folder and add difficultyManagement.sk
    3. Use /sk reload difficultyManagement.sk
    When you have successfully installed the script it will set your server difficulty to hard. The server will not act like hard to people not in hard mode but the server actually has to be in hard mode in order for this script to work

    Players in peaceful will not lose hunger. Hostile mobs will not attack the player.

    Players in easy can not starve below 5 hearts, hostile mobs will deal half damage

    Players in normal can not starve below half a heart, hostile mobs will deal 25% reduced damage

    Players in hard will starve to death, hostile mobs will deal full damage

    Players in hardcore will starve to death, hostile mobs will deal full damage. If the player dies they will be banned from the server

    • [default:normal] Default Difficulty - (peaceful, easy, normal, hard, hardcore) This is what new players difficulty will be set to
    • [default:false] Zombies Break Doors - (true or false) if enabled zombies will be able to break doors just like in hard mode
    • [default:false] Use Permissions - (true or false) if enabled players will require a permission node to set their difficulty. See permissions
    • [default:false] Require OP - (true or false) if enabled only people with OP can set their own difficulty
    • Permission Message - type your own permission message for if the person is not OP or does not have permission. Requires Require OP or Use Permissions to take effect
    • Hardcore Ban Message - type your own message to display to players who get banned when they die in hardcore mode
    • [default:false] Disable PVP in Peaceful - if enabled you will not be able to attack or be attacked by players while in peaceful
    To reload configuration at any time just use /sk reload difficultymanagement

    • difficultymanagement.peaceful - allows players to use /dm peaceful
    • difficultymanagement.easy - allows players to use /dm easy
    • difficultymanagement.normal - allows players to use /dm normal
    • difficultymanagement.hard - allows players to use /dm hard
    • difficultymanagement.hardcore - allows players to use /dm hardcore
    • /difficultymanagement (or /dm) - shows your current difficulty
    • /difficultymanagement (or /dm) <peaceful/easy/normal/hard/hardcore> - change your difficulty
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