DigReward 1.0 - Fix.1

Execute commands to give something when they mine X amount of blocks

  1. matheus9171

    This plugin is a simple plugin to give rewards to your player when they myne X amount of blocks set in the config!

    Permissions: Dont have any at moment!

    Commands: Dont have any at moment!

    Code (Text):
    #How many blocks need to be broken till it fires the commands (Keeps looping)

    Interval: 10
    #Reset on reach The interval
    ResetOnReach: true
      broke: '&cYou has broke &6%broke% &cblocks!'
      Activate: true
    #Commands to be executed when reach the Interval You can use %player% to get the player name Example: eco give %player% 300, Each command is separated with a ";"
    Commands: say teste1;say teste2
    #Enabled Worlds, Each World is separated with a ";"
    Enabled_Worlds: world1;world

    *Plugin idea by: funnycube *

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  1. nuggs13
    Version: 1.0 - Fix.1
    can you add a plugin reload command?