Dimension particles V1.3

let you make portals to other Dimension

  1. Soulcraft245
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Dimension particles give you a new way to travel to other dimensions by crafting a dimension tablet and click a dimension particle. you can create other dimension portals to other worlds and change dimension tablet to whatever you want in the config.

    What they look like?

    /techp create [name] [r] [e] [g] [contrat] [worldname] - let you set up the Dimension particle
    [r] [e] [g] Are the color system for this
    [contrat] to set the colors contrat
    [worldname] this set what world to be teleport to

    /techp del [name] - delete the Dimension particle you created, you must create the particle before you can delete it

    /techp spawn [name] - spawns in the Dimension particle

    /techp remove - toggles to remove particles that you spawn

    Code (Text):
    name: '&aDimension Tablet'
      - 'take you to other places'
    skin: 'http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/5a7b3b16e5d0c4cfd21c4eb9133e969aad7cc7303ccdf317512e26a4879b51'

    #  TL|TM|TR
    #  --+--+--
    #  ML|MM|MR   the creating
    #  --+--+--    ordered for recipe setup.
    #  BL|BM|BR

    # must use spigot Material.
      TL: 'FLINT'
      TM: 'FLINT'
      TR: 'AIR'
      ML: 'FLINT'
      MR: 'FLINT'
      BL: 'AIR'
      BM: 'FLINT'
      BR: 'FLINT'
    the next update.
    will be adding permissions.
    will be adding a new particle effect.
    adding in a new commands
    /techp list - will list all dimension particles.

    if you want to support the plugin.
    link <<<

    if you have a youtube video or a server using this plugin let me know.