Dimension Teleporter 1.3.2

Teleport between worlds/dimensions without needing Multiverse or Essentials

  1. 1.3.2

    Mitigation: use getPlayerExact to prevent potential mistakes when targeting a player (thanks to Aikar for pointing this possibility out).
  2. 1.3.1: fix: apply colors to /dt

    Forgot to apply the coloring to the /dt command as well.
  3. 1.3: Added /dtspawn

    Added /dtspawn - teleports you to the current world's spawn location.
  4. 1.2: Displays list of worlds

    • Displays a list of worlds when
      • no arguments are used, or
      • when an invalid world has been specified.
    • Added some colors to messages.
  5. Permissions are now all lowercase

    I'm not sure what the standard convention is for permissions, but I remember putting all my permissions in lowercase. Maybe it doesn't matter :S