Dimensions 1.0

Now have a nether or end connected to every world!

  1. Hex_27
    This plugin was made as I couldn't find a good way to connect some worlds to their nether or end. The setup should be quite straight forward and simple.

    • Connect any world to a nether or end. All you need is a world with "worldname_nether" or "worldname_the_end" and Multiverse to set a spawnpoint.
    • Already have worlds where nether and end works? You can disable this plugin in specific worlds!
    • Almost no initial setup required

    How to use this plugin:
    • Requirements: Multiverse Core
    • First off, for example you have a normal world named "foo". To connect "foo" to the nether, you need a nether world name "foo_nether". Then import it with /mv import foo_nether nether
    • There will be a spawn already there. Trust multiverse for this. You can change the spawn later on with /mv setspawn while in "foo_nether". Now, the nether portals will be interconnected.
    • Same goes for end worlds. Instead of "foo_nether", use "foo_the_end" and do /mv import foo_the_end end instead.

    • This is a beta plugin, as it may look a little strange. For the end, it looks fine, but for the nether, it may look a little strange as portals won't work the same way for nether portals. You can only teleport to one location in each world, thus eliminating the portal system of the nether. In short, nether portals will work like end portals. Even when getting back from the nether, you will go back to the world's spawn instead of your personal portal.