Directed by MICHAEL BAY V1.0.0-Save Childrens

Touch, boom. Place, boom. Break, boom. Michael baayyy

  1. Gober
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Me, Michael Bay
    Languages Supported:
    Hey Spigot!

    Good news, today I've worked together with Michael Bay to create one of the most dope movie effects ever!

    Here is the interview result on Michael:

    So basically, when you:
    • Break Blocks
    • Place blocks
    • Interact
    • Touch Animals
    • Fly
    You will EXPLODE.

    That's all!

    Oh and, how to activate?

    You need the perm michael.bay and you need to call michael bay on chat by saying "Hey wassup Michael Bay or Michael Bay direct me!

    As long as you're calling his full name, it would work.

    If you're using Optifine,
    do remember to,
    turn on Video Settings -> Animations -> Explosions Animated.

Recent Reviews

  1. Malacaritaa
    Version: V1.0.0-Save Childrens
    Thx the plugin works perfectly, i only have 1 problem and its

    all explode very nice but not is compatible with 1.12.2 :( pls! i need it
    1. Gober
      Author's Response
      OK lemme ask michael bay if he can help with that.

      Thanks for the review tho!