DisableEXP v0.7

This plugin prevents xp drop.

  1. lst96

    This plugin prevents xp drop when you do the following(configurable by the config file.):
    * Kill mobs
    * Mine Ores
    * Smelt in a Furnace
    * Exp Bottles
    * Fish


    Step 1. Download the plugin from the top right of this page.

    Step 2. Once it has finished downloading, Drag and drop the plugin into you're /plugins folder of your server directory.

    Step 3. Start or Restart your server and it should be installed.


    * Disable EXP dropped from breeding (waiting on bukkit api to make a way to do this). v0.5


    Official DisableEXP Server:

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Recent Reviews

  1. johnmon264
    Version: v0.8
    Still works on 1.12.2. Thank you. I thought it didn't at first but you need to enable the disabling in the config first.