DisableTopOfNether 1.8

Disable players from building/accessing on top of the nether

  1. Bug fixes

    Fixed a issue when trying to toggle certain parts of the plugin on/off
  2. MCStats added

  3. BroadcastMessage Fixed

    Fixed a issue with BroadcastMessage
  4. Code Tidy Up

    Just cleaned the code up a little bit.
  5. Update 1.4

    New option to broadcast to the whole server when someone attempts to get on top of the nether, this has a toggle.

    Code (Text):
      Enable: false
      Message: '&b%displayname% &ctried to gain access to the top of the nether!'
    New placeholder to use the display name (Custom nickname if the player has one)
    Code (Text):
    %displayname% #Displays a custom nickname, if the player has one
    You can now use multiple commands for RunCommand to be executed, all of the placeholders work...
  6. Big Update!

    Thanks to @CloudeLecaw for the suggestions!

    You can choose to run a command to be ran when a player is above the nether, or use the inbuilt teleporter that doesn't use any commands. Able to send the player multiple messages using all of the new placeholders.

    New placeholders that can be used:
    Code (Text):
    %player% #Prints the players name
    %world% #Prints the world name
    %x% #Prints the X location
    %y% #Prints the Y location
  7. Bypass Permission Added

    Added permission node to bypass the teleportation above the nether

    Permission: disabletopofnether.bypass