Disaster (Easy Custom Explosions) 0.2 ALPHA

One command to create custom sized explosions

  1. Cameronhclark
    Ever wanted to freely destroy stuff? Now you can! Disaster lets you make custom explosions at your current location.

    Note: Currently, this is a very simple plugin, as I am moving all of my old bukkit plugins to spigot and updating them. Updates for this and my other plugins are being tested at the moment. Future updates will include:
    • Chose if the explosion will break blocks
    • Make blocks fly everywhere (Realistic Explosions)
    • Explosion size as a number

    /dis - Summon an explosion with a custom size. Sizes: Tiny, Small, Normal, Big, Huge, Godzilla, and BiomeBuster (not recommended unless you have a powerful computer/server)

    Example: /dis Big