Disasters (Beta) 1.0.2

Lightning storms, acid rain, wildfires and meteors

  1. Dev_Richard
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
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    The development of this plugin was sponsored by TheNeoCubest. Check out his channel!

    This plugin can do significant damage to your builds. Make sure you make backups if there are buildings you care about. This plugin is best used for survival gamemodes.

    This plugin adds many disasters into Minecraft including lightning storms, acid rain, wildfires and meteors. Almost every aspect of the plugin is configurable. This plugin is currently in beta and there may be some bugs so please report rather than leaving bad reviews.

    Lightning Storms
    Lightning storms can occur at randomly set intervals (which are configurable) and for a configurable duration, default is 1 minute, lightning will strike the ground near all players. The main way to combat these storms is through the use of lightning rods.

    Lightning rods can be constructed by building a tower of 4 iron blocks high and then placing a sign at the bottom. Lightning that strikes within 10 blocks of the lightning rod will be redirected to the rod instead. This is a good way to protect yourself or your house.


    Acid Rain
    If acid rain is enabled in the config it will rain acid any time it rains. This means if you are not in shelter or the desert you will take damage. Acid rain can also warp the terrain. You can setup the acidRain.yml file to change one block type to another during an acid rain storm. As an example grass turns to course dirt, but this can be removed if you don't want terrain warped. The acid rain also can use a resource pack that it will send to players. You can disable this if you do not want the feature.


    Meteors are another configurable disasters that you can encounter in this plugin. There are three types of meteors small, medium and large. They all have different explosion power. Whether meteors do damage to the terrain is also configurable, but they will always damage players near the impact. Meteors look like Ghast fireballs, but move incredibly quickly making them hard to see until they have actually impacted. You will however get a warning in chat if one is coming for your location.

    Wildfires are the fourth and final disaster. They may not sound like an issue initially, but they can be very dangerous. A fire about 3-5 blocks in size will be randomly generated and the doFireTick gamerule will be set to true. If you do not want the doFireTick gamerule set to true it is best to disable wildfires in the config.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Pakho
    Version: 1.0.2
    Why not even the original rain drops if you don't use the material bag? I can download the material bag you set in China. I can't download it unless the network is very good.
  2. Resoluciones
    Version: 1.0.2
    Good plugin! Very useful for hard modes survival servers. Thank you Developer!!!
  3. PawPawDude
    Version: 1.0.2
    Holy crap! Disasters indeed! I installed this plugin last night. Went to bed. Got up, entered the game.... the whole damned town was on fire! All sand blocks had been melted into glass. Fires were burning everywhere!

    Very effective effect.

    But... gulp... what about my destroyed map? I have a backup and have CoreProtect installed.

    But there's no command to stop the fire, right? And, in fact, no commands at all, if I'm not mistaken. Gulp!

    Lemme see if CoreProtect can roll this back..... NOPE! CoreProtect (using /co rb r:100 t:12h) stopped the fires but could not reverse the damage.

    I must restore my maps from backup.... and REMOVE THIS PLUGIN.

    Dude, maybe you've explained how to use this plugin and I missed it. Will go back and read. But if my experience is what you intend, YOU MUST WARN US that the plugin does irreparable damage to a map.


    Cool effect -- got my heart racing -- but... damn!
    1. Dev_Richard
      Author's Response
      In response to your review I have added a warning message about this at the top.
  4. Acenix
    Version: 1.0.2
    Amazing but can you make it like mc.grian.net?
  5. SnapDragon
    Version: 1.0.1
    This lags server a lot, i have server with 8gb deticated ram, and it still lags.
    I tried to restart but no
    1. Dev_Richard
      Author's Response
      This plugin runs a lot of tasks, but they all run asynchronously so they shouldn't be causing much lag. The processor is more important than they amount of RAM when it comes to tasks. That being said I'm sure there are a few things that could be optimized and I'll release an update soon.