DiscoHorse - New better horses. Nice plugin for hub servers! 0.2

Funny, new horses with changing colors/style/armor.

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    DiscoHorse is plugin, which adds new funny features ideally for your hub/network server!

    If player has permission which you need to configure in config file, then if he will mount the horse, horse is going to change colors/styles/armor.

    You can add special Effects too, effects will play above the horse, like mobspawner flames, etc.

    • Java 1.8
    • Dedicated for Bukkit 1.7/1.8(not tested).

    Code (Text):
        # Set true to play effects at horse, like flames etc, you can find list of effects here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Effect.html
        playEffect: true
        # Name of effect
        effect: MOBSPAWNER_FLAMES
        effectAmount: 5
        # Enter the number of seconds how often you want to repeat disco
        repeatEvery: 2
        # Set to true if you want to add armor to disco too
        armor: true
        # Only players with this permission can activate disco on their horses
        permission: 'discohorse.vip'


    /dhreload, reloads config.
    Permission: discohorse.reload




    • Reload command. | DONE! 17.01.2016



    If you want, and if you appreciate my work, you can donate me here:


    More plugins soon, thanks!

    Sorry for bad english. Regards.
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  1. Added reload command ;)