[Discontinued] Commendation 1,.0

Commend players now!

  1. Pyshicon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9

    What is Commendation? Commendation is a plugin where player has the ability to commend fellow players to show gratitude.


    • Lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Action bar support
    • EULA compatible

    How to install

    1. Put the jar file in your server plugin folder
    2. Start your server
    3. Wait for the server to fully loaded
    4. Once your server fully loaded there will be a config for the plugin
    • /commend <player> - commend a player
    • /commendinfo - show how many commend you have
    • /commendtop - show who has the most commends

    Why Commendation
    Commendation can help you selecting potential staff members and of course there more use to it.


    • Bukkit or Spigot 1.9.2 ONLY


    • I found a bug, what should I do? if you found a bug please report it to me via PM or discussion.
    • I have an idea for the plugin, what should I do? if you have an idea I'll be so happy to hear it from you guys, just PM me or say it in the discussion.
    • Can I decompile this plugin? no, you may not decompile this plugin.
    • Im a developer too, i want to use this plugin as an API! if you're looking for an API, please add me on Skype: Pyshicon