[Discontinued] Dangerous Caves 18

Makes caves more interesting by adding new mechanics and content.

  1. Fixed A Dropping Item Error

    Reference Title
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  2. Random Improvements

    -Fixed a targeting error in dangerous nether, dangerous caves, and dangerous survival
  3. Cleaned Up Code Some More

    Cleaned up how mobs are checked and how players are checked whether they are in caves.
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  4. Fixed Effect Util

    Increased organization and performance of the effects method. If any of you have been getting "Error in side of better elooper" in your consoles, this update may fix that.
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  5. Easter Egg

    Added a little rare easter egg and shrunk the size of the plugin by 20 kb.
  6. Fixed a little whoopsie

    Fixed a problem with mob generation that limited how many mobs could spawn.
  7. Full Update to 1.14.3

    Update with cave aging and random structures enabled. No more crashes (hopefully)

    This version only works with 1.14.3
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  8. Semi - Update to 1.14

    Updated to 1.14, however, it seems that blockpopulators are now broken or something and crash in 1.14 so i've blocked off that part until I can find a fix. This means that the small structures do not spawn underground anymore, however, everything else works. Once I find a way to fix the structures, i'll add them into the plugin again.
  9. Stopped shulkers from being affected in Cave-Ins.

    What the title says.
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  10. Small Update

    Made the cave aging only affect normal stone instead of polished andesite, granite, etc. to stop it from messing with buildings.
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