[Discontinued] Dangerous Nether 9

Improves and adds nether mechanics to make it more interesting.

  1. OkDexter12
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Discord : https://discord.gg/JPuKjm7


    This plugin has been discontinued, but you can find a newer version here that is being updated:


    You can also join the creators discord server to get updates:



    The 1.12 version is the newest 5.0 and below, everything above 5.0 is 1.14.

    What the Plugin Does:

    Improves the nether by adding various features and tweaks such as ambient sounds, new mobs, and custom generation.

    Plugin Features:

    Overgrown Nether -
    The Nether is a ages old realm in the underworld of minecraft so you would think that over time it would be overgrown by fauna there, but it isn't. In order to fix this, the nether now generates vines of cobwebs as well as mushrooms to give it that overgrown aesthetic.

    New Nether:[​IMG]
    Old Nether:

    New Mobs -
    Different mobs have been added and others have been buffed in order to make the nether a more treacherous place to adventure in. Now instead of waltzing into the nether with a stone sword and no armor, you will need to prepare and learn the ways to defeat new monsters to survive.

    When the time of wither and their servants were still in their prime, wither scholars explored the vast network of magic that resided in the nether. The only problem is that the infinite amount of knowledge transformed them into a abomination that took on the powers of the wither and attacks any humans on sight.


    A ancient manifestation of the fears of man that hungers for more power. It wanders the dark world of the nether in search of players and devours them inside of itself.


    A being made of lava that is so hot it scorches the ground it steps on.


    A ghast trapped within a skeleton. Due to the skeletons power, the ghast can only launch weak fireballs at the player but they still pack a punch without fire resistance.


    A flying eye that sees all and burns all. If a player is spotted, it will burn the player alive unless he is sneaking. Due to their low intelligence, sneaking causes the inferno to loose sight of a player.


    A living error. Further research into the Sherogath gives evidence that the nether is a simulation of the overworld rather than a real dimension.


    Living Sound that changes based on how close you are, attacking this sound close enough causes the sound to aggro and attack you back.

    Invisible Entity! Picture Not Available.

    Pigman that was given enhanced physical qualities during the great wither war to fight against the ghasts. Now wanders around without purpose with it's brethren.


    Ghasts have also been improved. They now have a special ability where they can turn invisible for a short amount of time. Their fireballs are also faster and more powerful then they were before.

    Collapsing Nether -
    With so much pressure of the ground above on the nether and the heat of the lava, the nether's netherrack is very unstable. Every now and then, ceilings will Collapse so watch your head.

    Nether Lightning -
    The nether should be as chaotic as possible to challenge the player. So, I added lightning. The lightning doesn't strike the player always, but it's strikes randomly every now and then to add extra ambiance.

    Ambient Sounds -
    Ambient sounds have been increased for the nether in order to make the place as spooky as possible. When lower down in the nether, you will hear metal clanking in the distance, monster roars, and more. While you are higher up, wind sounds will be played.

    Footsteps also have new sounds. Netherrack makes a squishy sound and soulsand makes tiny screams and moans when walked on.

    New Item Effects -
    "Okay, if the nether is so dangerous then why should I even go?" you are probably saying. Well, their are new items that only spawn in the nether that are useful and helpful.

    Zombie pigman and Wither Skeletons aren't as useless as they were before. Zombie pigman now have a chance to drop haste potions while Wither Skeletons have a chance to drop Splash Potions of Wither.


    Blinding is a new enchant that comes with the swords that Alpha Pigman have. In order to obtain one, you have to kill a Alpha Pigman. They come in either Blinding I or Blinding II and can be further enchanted.


    In the nether, lava buckets become super-heated and burn the player when held. Not only that, but placed and picked up lava is in a sphere instead of a single block.

    Block Mechanics -
    Soulsand and Netherrack now have new mechanics that change the way you travel / mine in the nether.

    Netherrack has a chance to spawn fire when mined.

    Soulsand doesn't like to be run on. If you are caught running on soulsand, the souls inside the soulsand slow you down drastically so that you can barely run.

    Plugin Commands:

    - Gets the name of the world you are in for use in the config.
    - Permission : dangern.getworldnamed

    Config Values:
    Changing Monster Names:

    Monster's cannot have the same names nor can they have blank names. This will make the plugin skip those monsters and they will most likely not spawn.

    Servers that use DangerousNether:

    • play.edenproject.me
    • TemplePrime.mchosting.pro
    • Lululand.de
    • play.dreamstation.cf
    • www.rinafter.com


    Update Instructions:

    On updating the plugin to a newer version, delete the current config and replace the old jar file with the new jar file.

    If you come across any errors thrown by the plugin feel free to message me about it so I can fix it.

    Türkçe çeviri için:

    - Features configurable in config
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed A Lava Issue in 1.13
  2. Various Improvements
  3. Fixed Infinite Loop

Recent Reviews

  1. Hoang_Redstone
    Version: 9
    It seems that Fireball and Inferno have the skin fault, it always shows steve and alex head, how to fix it? I run it on spigot server 1.12.2 (offline Mode), but this is PERFECT plugin and I rate 5 star for this :)
  2. Angscht
    Version: 9
    absolutly hot plugin. I lovin' it <3
    Perfect in combine with dangerous caves ;)
    Do you plan to make a premium version? I would pay for that :D
    And i have a bet to you: could you make a dangerous end plugin too? Maybe you give endstone sometimes the ability from web, that it would be invisable quicksand in the end :D
    End is so clean and friendly... Please make it dangerous too <3 there is a plugin on spigot to edit abilty from blocks, so i am sure you can add that too. More little ender mobs. I use both dangerous plugin on my 1.13.2 server.
    1. OkDexter12
      Author's Response
      Hey there, thanks for the positive review, since you're looking for Dangerous End I can tell you there is actually one right now. It's on my discord under the experiments section if you want to use it. Never released it to the public since I didn't think about it. Anyways, thanks!
  3. rajjip
    Version: 9
    Works fantasic on 1.15.1 if anyone's wondering! Great plugin
  4. warriorninja
    Version: 9
    Nice plugin to spice up the nether, but a few things I don't understand.
    Hard to find these new mobs added, after exploring for 10 minutes I've only found 2.
    One of them is a random floating shovel...
    I would like to know if its a glitch or it's intended. You can't hit the ghost shovel or attack it? It can hit you though
  5. Nichole
    Version: 9
    Absolutely love this plugin, use this along with Dangerous Caves on my server, keeps survival from getting boring!
  6. Tobias575
    Version: 8
    I really like the plugin, the Nether is just epic with that wind and the thunder.
    The developer is also a very helpful and great person.
    He fixed an Error Message within one day^^
  7. OrchidQuill
    Version: 6.3
    This mod is pretty insane. It works in nethers made prior to installing. I just ran throguh a very dangerous version of my server's tutorial, before reloading the map and disabling it nearly failing to realize i could select per world settings in the config.

    Works perfect in 1.14.3

    A++++ ten out of ten scared the shit out of me multiple times, nether feels like it adequately wants to kill me now.
  8. Patbox
    Version: 6.2
    Really good plugin! After changing configuration it works with TallNether. Can you make something like this plugin, but fot the end?
    1. OkDexter12
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I would make something for the end but because of how it generates I might not be able to. The random islands are what makes it hard deal with. Might in the future but can't guarantee for now.
  9. rustyshakelford
    Version: 6.2
    My players love this plugin. It makes the nether exciting again. It's not very resource intensive for all that it adds.
  10. RettOwo
    Version: 5.1
    I love it, i use it on my SMP server and my players love it
    with this plugin makes more survival the nether