[Discontinued] Dangerous Nether 9

Improves and adds nether mechanics to make it more interesting.

  1. Fixed A Lava Issue in 1.13

    Fixed a field not found error for 1.13 players for lava particles.
  2. Various Improvements

    -Organized and improved on some of the code in dangerous nether

    -Fixed a targeting error in dangerous nether, dangerous caves, and dangerous survival
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  3. Fixed Infinite Loop

    Fixed a potential infinite loop that had a rare chance of happening and could cost server resources.
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  4. 1.14.3 Magic

    Upgraded the world generation a bit to look cooler and added some new aesthetic effects to some of the current mobs to make them look more interesting.

    Also maybe fixed wind sounds from cutting off randomly? If you are having trouble with them, try setting the min wind value in the config to like 0 or 1.
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  5. Update to 1.14.3

    Well boys (and gals), I finally found it, a fix to the generation crash. No longer will thou have to set all generation options in the config to false for I have found a solution.

    This version works with only 1.14.3. To download earlier versions go to the version history tab.


    ps: expect an update to DangerousCaves soon
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  6. Semi - Update to 1.14

    Same update for 1.14 as dangerous caves. It seems that blockpopulators are now broken or something and crash in 1.14 so i've blocked off that part until I can find a fix. This means that the webs and mushrooms do not spawn in the nether anymore, however, everything else works. Once I find a way to fix the structures, i'll add them into the plugin again.
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  7. Added potion drop rate values to config.

    Added potion drop rates for wither and haste potions in the config.
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  8. Added TallNether Support

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  9. Added a few sound options to config

    Made it so that the netherrack step sound can be changed to any sound. Sounds available are located here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html

    Set to NONE in order to remove the sounds completely.

    Wind volume and pitch can be altered too now. As well as where on the y-val it can start.

    Finally, there is a choice to use enderman stare sounds as a replacement for enderdragon growl sounds in the nether.

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  10. Fixed Sound Names in 1.13

    Fixed sound names that were causing errors in 1.13 for some reason.
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