[Discontinued] Dangerous Survival 11.2

Adds various survival mechanics to the game to improve how the game is played.

  1. OkDexter12
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Hey it's ya boi here. So this plugin is just a bunch of random tweaks to survival I made whenever I got bored and had a bit of inspiration. They all work together pretty well but each module is completely able to be enabled or disabled in the config. So without further ado, here's what the plugin does:

    +If you are having problems with the configs resetting, shut down the server completely, modify it while it's off and then start the server with the altered config. When the plugin is loaded it makes a snapshot of the current config so that it can save the data from the plugin and on disabling, the snapshot is saved as the current config so altering the values while it's running doesn't save it.

    Discord : https://discord.gg/JPuKjm7

    A Short Description of Dangerous Additions :

    Dangerous Additions is the fourth "Dangerous" plugin I've made. It consists of random enhancements to the game that iv'e thought could increase the play-ability of the game such as better sneaking, better AI, and better chat. Here's the full list of features for your viewing pleasure.

    Blood and Blood Trails:
    Monsters, humans, and animals all bleed whenever they are hit. They also drop blood on the ground (redstone dust) whenever they are hit from time to time. This "blood" cannot be picked up and just disappears whenever it is hit so you don't have to worry about players farming redstone from hitting mobs. Most mobs bleed red, however, creepers and skeletons bleed either green, white, or black (wither skeletons).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Crawling and Monster Detection:
    I thought that minecraft, even though it has a sneak feature, doesn't have very much stealth included. So in order to fix this I implemented crawling. In order to crawl, double tap your shift key quickly and it will lower you to the ground where you can then sprint to move where you are looking. Then press shift again to get back up. This is good for factions and sneaking in to places.

    To make crawling and sneaking actually useful, I remade the monster detection AI to be more realistic and exciting. There are various checks a monster must pass in order to successfully see a player such as looking at the player, the brightness of where they are, distance, etc. No longer are the days when monsters had a 6th sense and did a 360 when you got close, you can now fully sneak up to monsters and sneak attack them. Sneaking and crawling also increases your stealth.

    Monsters also let out a yell alerting other monsters of you whenever you are spotted, so sneaking is now a smarter thing to do rather than brute forcing an attack.


    Potions and Dyes in Anvils:
    Potions can be applied to armor and weapons when put in anvils as well as dyes. Potions cost 25 experience levels while dyes cost 10 levels. Potions on armor give a constant effect of whatever is on it while bows and sword give 15 seconds of the effect to whatever is attacked with the weapon.



    Longer Days and Nights:
    Time was really fast in normal minecraft so in order to remedy this, the plugin now makes the night and day 3x longer. Now you can finally enjoy the sunset and sunrise instead of it disappearing in a instant and days actually feel like real days.

    Locational Chat and Realistic Names:
    It never really made sense that minecraft is an infinite world yet the players inside it can shout across it easily. This feature is only for hardcore servers really but it is still kinda interesting. It adds a system where chat is based on how far players are, blocks between, weather, and more and alters it to how well people can hear it.

    Here's an example:
    This is my character saying "hey silly child" close to another player and the player can hear my message just fine.[​IMG]
    However, when the character steps back a bit and hides inside the jungle, the message becomes harder to hear.

    To counter this you can type different things in your chat to make the message go farther.

    *shouts* inserted into your text increases the range a message can be heard.

    (EX: ) hey can you here me? *shouts* I'm over here!
    Everything after the *shouts* has a longer range.

    *whispers* inserted into the text decreases the range you can send a message to 4 blocks around you.

    (EX: ) hey *whispers* i'm going to stab julius.
    Everything after *whispers* can only be heard by nearby players

    *says* says turns everything after it back to the normal speaking range when put inside your text.

    Another chat feature is random realistic usernames. On join, people are given a randomly generated name such as Gabriel Thomas that stays with them when they chat. If limbo is enabled, the name is reset on death symbolizing a new start in life.

    Hunger but not thirst?!? PREPOSTEROUS! Just kidding, but it does make sense to have thirst since there is also hunger. Thirst shows up in the middle of your hunger and health as a number from 1-100. It goes down slowly and shows up in intervals of 5. You can refill it by drinking potions, eating watery foods such as carrots, or just drinking from a water source. After dropping below 25 thirst, you start to gain various effects.

    Stage I (25-15) : You notice a faint heartbeat and your movement slows down slightly when you drop below 25.

    Stage II (15-5) : The heartbeat becomes easier to hear and you begin to notice your screen shaking slightly.

    Stage III (5-0) : The heartbeat sound now pierces your ears. Your vision is becoming weak and your body is falling apart causing you to lose health. Unless you find water, you're a goner.

    Better Crops and Realistic Mob Drops:
    Crops take 3x longer to grow but yield 3x more resources when fully grown making crops a more efficient source of food in the long run.

    Mobs don't drop items only after death but rather drop their items as you attack them. Some mobs are disabled due to this being too op such as evokers dropping like 20 totems but most mobs work well.

    Wear Anything on Your Head:
    You can wear anything on your head from blocks to items to add a bit of customization to your appearance separate from just boring armor.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Better Fire Effects:
    Fire on mobs looks boring so I added some better particle effects to burning mobs to make it look more realistic and exciting (if you are excited by burning things.)


    Zombies and skeletons do not have this effect if it is day out and they are above ground to avoid any lag.

    Enhanced Monsters:
    Let's be honest, monsters are boring. All they do is hit you and shoot at you. With the enhanced monsters module, monsters now have a few special abilities.

    -Creepers leap at their target to get closer to them.

    -Strays have a chance to super slow a player and they can also have a chance to trap a player in ice.

    -Zombies and Spiders gain speed 1 to make them faster when a player is spotted.

    -Husks have a chance to bury players in the ground when the player is hit.

    -Spiders can poison and web players when a player is hit.

    -Slimes now poison players on hit and make a player drop slime particles when they are poisoned.

    -Magma cubes set players on fire.

    -Endermen teleport players randomly a block away when the player is hit disorienting the player.

    Player NPC's on Exit:
    On leaving the server, players leave behind a husk that is a copy of their equipment and has the same head as them. If this husk dies, the player also dies when they rejoin. This husk acts as the player when they are off, it doesn't move or attack, but if it changes locations when the player is off, the player will teleport to that location when they rejoin. If limbo is enabled, the player will teleport to limbo if their husk dies.

    No Nametags:
    Nametags are kinda gross, they're like wallhacks kinda. With the no nametags module, nametags are fully removed above players heads when they join. This allows to actual stealth and also makes it so spawn isn't littered with floating names everywhere if there are tons of players.


    Headshots and Fall Damage:
    Headshots do double damage to bipedal mobs. This also applies to players but can be avoided by wearing a metal helmet (gold, iron, diamond). Leather helmets reduce the damage back to the normal amount of damage.

    Fall damage is calculated by the block you fall on. Wool, leaves, hay, etc. increase the amount of blocks you can fall and survive. Falling from a great distance freezes you in the spot you landed for a second since in real life it would probably break your leg.

    Parkour Limbo:
    Death isn't scary because player's know that they can just respawn after they die, but with parkour limbo that is not the case. What scares minecraft players more than anything? Parkour. On death, depending on how many players you've killed, you will be sent to a parkour course that you must complete to respawn. The more players you killed, the harder difficulty the parkour course will be. For limbo, you must make your own parkour to use it. There is a tutorial on how to set it up at the bottom of the page.

    Desire Paths, Mutli-Stage Blocks, and More Leaf Drops:
    Desire paths are natural paths that show up when a lot of players travel the same way. First the ground turns to coarse dirt and then it turns to a grass path.

    Multi-Stage blocks include stone and grass. Grass turns into dirt when destroyed and stone turns into cobblestone when broken as well. This encourages exploring a cave and killing monsters rather than just mining all over the place to hide and find things.

    Leaves now drops sticks randomly and have a rare chance to drop eggs, sticks, and feathers if you encounter a bird's nest inside the leaf block.

    Artifacts are rare post-enderdragon loot that drops when killing mobs in the nether. They are very rare but when used, have the chance to give the player a unique item with an ability or a ability themselves. There are over 150 different abilities and items that you can get, but there are still duds so there is a chance they won't give you anything. When activating one, a spooky cutscene plays that only you can see.

    For a full list of all the artifact powers go here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Ugc8aCa8djZchkU6B7sSVvZMjJigFXD0Q5eLhgYQgA/edit?usp=sharing

    Config Help :

    Spawn Radius - the amount of blocks outwards that the plugin does not have any effects to prevent issues with spawn protection plugins. Default is 100 blocks.

    Parkour Divider - the dividing amount for difficulty level of limbo.
    Default is 10.

    ex : 10 kills / 10 = Level 1 , 20 kills / 2 = Level 10
    (do not put 0 as the divider, i repeat do not, trust me)

    Bugs :

    Strange issue where certain users of the plugin have their config's reset. Not sure what causes this and if it happens to you feel free to message me so I can get some more info about why this happens and what causes it. I can also make you a private version of the plugin with the default config set to what you want so if it does reset it'll be no problem.

    Limbo Instructions :

    Step 1 : Build a cool parkour course.

    Step 2 : Place a golden pressure plate at the end of the parkour course.

    Step 3 : run /parkouradd <difficulty number> where you want a player to spawn after death when sent to limbo. You can have multiple /parkouradd's

    ex : /parkouradd 5

    You must have at least one level 0 and one level 1 course to have a limbo.

    I recommend placing the parkour spawn one block above the actual ground so players do not get stuck in a block.

    Step 4 : go to one end of a giant box where you will place all the parkour courses and do /rpoint 1 then go to the other end and do /rpoint 2.

    After this do /definerp , this will set up a invisible box where mobs will not be able to spawn at all.

    It's similar to worldedit where you set the points that you want to edit.

    Step 5 : Profit?
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  1. fin95
    Version: 11.2
    El desarollador del plugin no ayuda en lo absoluto con los problemas

  2. TerribleTacos
    Version: 11.2
    This has such potential, but is far too buggy to use on a production server. A command to recieve the artifacts + working crawling would make this plugin incredible, until then, three stars.
  3. warriorninja
    Version: 11.2
    Nice plugin to spice up the game. Although there are a few issues I've encountered.
    1. mobs don't drop a continuous line of blood (red stone dust). They pretty much drop one block of 'blood' on being hit.
    2. the new 'sneaking' is very glitchy as of 1.14.4, I tried using it (basically crawling) but it's very buggy. When moving around you are likely to be glitched back and in third person your stuck under the floor.
    Nevertheless, loving the plugin with all its new features it adds to vanilla minecraft, looking forward to a ''dangerous end" ;)
  4. Gamepl
    Version: 11.2
    Здравствуйте. Этот плагин восхитителен! Но у меня возникли сложности с этим плагином. Как мне играть с локальным чатом?

    Что делать чтобы говорить, кричать и так далее? У меня игроки что-то пишут, но другой игрок не видит этого...

    Что делать?

    Hello. This plugin is amazing! But I'm having trouble with this plugin. How do I play with local chat?

    That to do to to speak, yelling and so on? I have players something write, but the other player not sees this...

    What to do?
  5. LordDundar
    Version: 11.2
    Such a great plugin. I love everything OkDexter12 has made. My players love the blood effects and the new monster detection makes sneaking something cool to do.
  6. DrakonisVaughan
    Version: 11.2
    Fun plugin that does it's job well however I would like to be able to toggle the mob enhancements on and off individually as it would let me use zombies and skeletons as allies in Mob Arena.
  7. xorgone
    Version: 11.2
    LOVE this! The only recommendation I would have, is setting the "Thirst" number as a permanent number on the screen. Having it disappear on you sometimes leads to you suddenly realizing you need water, and ASAP. Being able to watch it slowly drain would be nice.

    10/10 plugin
  8. proximageuse
    Version: 8
    Great plugin, really cool features. Going to have to wait until the config reset bug is fixed until I use it on a public server, though.
  9. PegsHD
    Version: 8
    It's a good plugin however there is a major bug which is that the config doesn't update.
  10. Cagrner
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    Good plugin, but the config file dosent load up.. I am disabled crawling and reloaded server, but players still can crawling..