[Discontinued] Medieval KitPvP 3.7


  1. fujiboy4
    Fuji4DaW1N_ (Owner), UltraPvP (Official Server Owner Tester)

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    I need a tutorial done through YouTube! PM me if you have done a video for English and possibly Spanish. DO NOT message me through skype, I only use skype for my server. I will see if I can post it here! Thanks! :)

    - QuickSoup
    - Sounds
    - Death
    - Hit other Player sound
    - 9 Kits
    - Scoreboard with Players kills
    - Spectator onDeath for 10 seconds
    - Welcome Message
    - Config
    - Command sounds
    - ColoredTags (Depending on the kit)
    - onDeath removes coloredTags
    - Refill with soup
    - LightningEffect on death
    - Firework on death
    - PotionEffects
    - GUI

    /mkitpvp - Main kitpvp command.
    /mkitpvp reload - Reloads config.
    /mkitpvp setrespawn - Sets the respawn point in config.
    /kits <gui/list> - See all the kits.
    /kit <kitname> - Choose a kit.
    /<kitname> - Choose a kit.
    /refill - Refills inventory with soup
    /reset - Resets score on scoreboard

    - Standard
    - Archer
    - Defender
    - Wizard
    - Brute
    - Scout
    - Axeman
    - Villager
    - Princess

    Code (Text):
    respawnLocX: 0
    respawnLocY: 0
    respawnLocZ: 0

    More information:

    Thanks all for downloading!

    Coming soon...

Recent Updates

  1. Changed Description: Mineplex Style KitPVP
  2. GUI
  3. Config!! :D

Recent Reviews

  1. TrytzyHD
    Version: 3.7
    Its good but I cant edit anything at all except enable the kits, u need to update this I love this plugin but I wanna change the kits. and make them healing and not soup 8/10
  2. InfectedCoding
    Version: 3.7
    Great Plugin! I enjoy it on my Private Localhost server, but I reccommend to add Yaw and Pitch in the config for spawn. Please make this more Custom on messages and kits! :D
    1. fujiboy4
      Author's Response
      I will try my best to add the features you listed. Thanks for your review. :)