[Discontinued] Medieval KitPvP 3.7


  1. Changed Description: Mineplex Style KitPVP

    Changed Description: Mineplex Style KitPVP
  2. GUI

    + Added a new GUI for kits
    GUI's needs lores and names.
    Kits are in order for standard to princess.
  3. Config!! :D

    + Config with respawn locations
    + Only respawnLoc(x-z) are working (Everything else is just testing)
    + Fixed command: /mkitpvp setrespawn
    + Added LightningEffect on death
    + If you reload the server it will not reset the config!
    + Added Firework on death

    Do not leave a blank under "respawnLoc(X-Z)" It will give you an error.
  4. Fixed Bugs + Test Config

    + Added fake config
    + Added '/mkitpvp setrespawn'
    + Added blockSleepInBeds (for non-ops)
    + Added blockBlockBreak (for non-ops)

    Hope you guys enjoy this new update! :)
  5. Lots of fixes and adds

    • Added Test Config (Does nothing)
    • Added Realistic Death (When player dies it will turn them into spectator mode for 10 seconds and then teleports them to spawn: Requires Essentials)
    • New Welcome Message w/ Sound
    • Command: /mkitpvp reload - Reloads config.
    • Command: /reset - Resets the scoreboard kills to...