[Discontinued] SBA for Screaming Bedwars | [1.9.4 - 1.17] 1.5.5

Extend gameplay for Screaming BedWars users!

  1. 1.5.5 [HOTFIXES}

    - Fixed final kill counter not updating on last kill
    - Fixed pickaxes and axes not retaining after respawn
    - Fixed Popup towers destroying beds
    - Fix main lobby scoreboard displaying incorrect progress
  2. SBA v1.5.4 Feature Update + HotFixes

    - Added highly anticipated feature: Popup Towers!
    - Added feature: Bridge Egg
    - Fixed potions in shop not displayed correctly
    - Fix incorrect placeholder in shop
    - Changed Lore arrangements for both shops
    - Fixed player invisibility not working
  3. SBA v1.5.3 Temporarily disable GamesInventory

    - Feature will be readded in the next update since currently it's causing few problems
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  4. SBA v1.5.2 Scoreboard HotFix

    - Fixed scoreboard not displaying correctly for certain configurations
  5. 1.5.1 [HOTFIX]

    - Added %sba_version% placeholder
    - Fix config not reloading on reload command
    - Fix armor not being purchased in shop
  6. SBA v1.5.0 Feature Update | Bug Fixes

    - Fixed lots of bugs
    - Moved code base to ScreamingLibv2, Switched to SimpleInventories v2
    - New chat Format
    - Custom Death Messages
    - Custom Kill Messages
    - Custom Bed Destroyed Messages
    - Complete Armor Invisibility!
    - Fireball/TNT jumping!
    - Generator Splitting!
    - Introduce Language files!
    - Fully configurable GamesInventory
    - Fully rewritten Party System
    - Added some Placeholders
    - Fixed Team Upgrades
    - Added Limits to Team Upgrades
    - Fixed Rotating Generator bug
    - Custom limits for each...
  7. Fixes

    - Fixed the {seconds} placeholder message appearing on chat instead of the actual value

    - Fixed repeated countdown message glitch

    - Made main lobby title customizable
  8. More bug fixes!

    - Final fix for players not getting respawn items
    - Fixed respawn title and countdown not working
    - Fix Issues relating to Rotating Generators
    - Fixed some npe's
    - Fixed main lobby scoreboard enables even if it's disabled
    - Fix for scoreboard shown to player even when he leaves the game

    - Now requires java 11 or greater to run
  9. Bug fixes!

    - Fix players are not able to PVP

    - Fix player interacting with armor stands

    - fix tab autocomplete for the games inventory gui

    - fix lobby not showing team colors properly

    - fix for killer not getting loot

    - fix main lobby scoreboard not showing accurate information

    - Fix null pointer exceptions on player death

    - Added keep shears on respawn
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  10. Bug Fixes with Party System And Rotating Generators

    - Made sure the rotating generators dissappear after game ends. (Also implemented checks to make sure it dissappears in case if server was force stopped)

    - Fixed party command not working (NPE)
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