[DISCONTINUED] Skript Explode 1.2

Small to Huge Explosives

  1. TheDiamondPigs
    I will no longer update or maintain this plugin.
    Hi there, the reason I am discontinuing my skript plugins is beacuse I am going on to make better Java plugins :)

    Please leave a rating! :)

    Skript Explode The Plugin That Makes TNT Fun

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any server damage made with this plugin.

    How to install:
    First download and install skript on to your server
    Then paste this script into the following folder on your server:
    Once pasted in that folder start your server.

    /explode-version --- Checks if the plugin is working.
    /huge-explode --- Makes a HUGE explosion (May crash servers).
    /fake-explode --- Makes a fake explosion that dose nothing.
    /tnt-meteor --- Makes a Medium hole in the ground

    Huge explosion: skript.explode.huge
    Fake explosion: skript.explode.fake
    Meteor explosion: skript.explode.meteor

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