[Discontinued] Stick of Rule 2.0

A simple plugin that allows you to punish your player in a fun way

  1. Stick of Rule v2.0, NEW STICK ADDED, MORE STABLE BUILD !

    Stick of Rule v2.0
    • New type of stick added: (Suggested by Mauricio)
      • Thunder Stick - Strike victim with lightning
      • Explosion Stick - Create an explosion on the victim(Destroy blocks)
      • Lava Stick - Trap victim in a lava cell
      • Water Stick - Trap victim in a water cell
    • Now colors work on kick message for victim.
    • Now when player type an not existed stick, it'll send a message to player that...
  2. Stick of Rule v1.1

    Stick of Rule v.1.1
    • Added configuration setting(Items name and lore will change "/stick" messages).
    • Added colors in configuration see(Will not work on kick stick for VictimMessage): http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes
    • Added variables(Will not work for no permission message:
      • %v the target(Will not work on kickstick message for CastMessage)
      • %a the user
      • %i user item