[DISCORD] Chat Bot 2020-06-03

A simple bot that allows minecraft text to relay over to discord.

  1. iHusker
    • Easy to install
    • Simple to configure
    • Super lightweight.
    • In your discord server. Click on the cogwheel for the text channel you want to display the messages too.
    • Click create new webhook.
    • Then simply copy the url at the bottom of the popup.
    • In your plugins folder click on [SDBot] folder and then set the webhook to the url you have copied.
    • Restart your server and you should be good to go!


    1. discord.PNG

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2020-06-03
    Funciona para la 1.15.2?
    Cual crees que es mejor, este plugin o el DiscordSRV?
    1. iHusker
      Author's Response
      Yes this plugin supports all versions of spigot. If you only want your minecraft chat to be shown on discord then I recommend use this plugin. Otherwise use DiscordSRV if you want to go beyond.