Discord Integration Project 2.1.0

Integrate your server with Discord

  1. 1.17 support

    Now the plugin is supported in version 1.17 of minecraft.
  2. Udpated to DILogin 3.0.4

    • In the event of a missing translation or error line, execute the line established in the default file.

    Use DICore-2.0.3-noslf4j only if you have another plugin that generates incompatibilities related to slf4j (For example DiscordSRV)
  3. Error correction

    - Fixed the jar without slf4j so that it can connect with other plugins that have that dependency. (Compatible with DiscordSRV)
    - Added warnings about bad bot permission settings.
    - FIX: In some cases the bot did not see all users.
  4. Fix and upgrades.

    • Packaging improvements, reducing the weight of files other than the core.
    • New JAR to be compatible with plugins that use Slf4j. (DiscordSRV...).
    • A new line is needed in the lang of DICore:
      no_args: 'You have to enter valid arguments!'
  5. Total reconstruction of the nucleus.

    The whole plugin core and plugin have been updated. Now it no longer generates errors and all messages are deleted correctly. The DILogin plugin brings the possibility to limit the accounts created per user.

    Now in each version of the core the plugins corresponding to that version will be included.

    Now the project is Open Source: https://github.com/Alhxe/Discord-Integration

    A discord has been created for problems, suggestions, or any topic related to Discord Integration...
  6. Security fix

    Version that extends the internal security of the core plugin.
  7. Correct Version

    I apologize to the users who downloaded this version. The JAR was corrupt.
  8. Error correction

    Various severe bugs that caused the plugin to close have been fixed.