Discord Integration 1.9.2

Spigot plugin that allows to sync messages in a Discord server and Minecraft chat

  1. dominik-korsa
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Implemented features:
    • Show Discord messages in Minecraft
    • Show Minecraft chat in Discord using webhooks
    • Player heads/avatars support on both online-mode and offline-mode servers
    • Show player deaths on Discord (you can also show player death coordinates if you wish)
    • Show player join/leave messages on Discord
    • Activity (bot status) support: show online players, player count and Ticks Per Second
    • Fully customisable messages
    • Easy config reload
    • Free and open source on GitHub
    • Permissions for commands
    Planned features:
    • Discord username autocomplete
    • Emoji support (and also autocomplete)
    • Showing minecraft time in activity
    • Even more customisation (for example completely disabling certain features)
    • Sending Minecraft chat messages without webhooks (worse effect, but less configuration)
    • Command to store current coordinates on Discord
    • Prefix to send chat message in Minecrat without showing it on Discord
    • Show advancements on Discord
    • Embed and image handling
    • Reply handling





    Installation guide:

    Default config.yml (v1.9.2):

    Default messages.yml (v1.9.2):

    Some of the strings support templates using %%. Here is a full list of them:
    • discord-activity and discord-activity-empty:
      • %online% - numer of players currently on the server
      • %max% - maximum allowed numer of players
      • %player-list% - comma separated list of online players' names
      • %tps-1m%, %tps-5m%, %tps-15m% - Server TPS from the last minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes
    • discord.join and discord.quit:
      • %player% - name of the player
    • discord.death:
      • %death-message% - death message as seen in chat
    • discord.death and discord.death-fallback (fallback is used when there is no death message)
      • %player% - name of the player
      • %pos-x%, %pos-y%, %pos-z% - player (block) coordinates at the moment of dying
    • minecraft.message and minecraft.tooltip:
      • %username% - Discord user's username
      • %nickname% - Discord user's nickname on your server (defaults to username if not set)
      • %user-tag% - Discord user's tag (the name with @ and numbers)
      • %channel-name% - Name of discord channel where the message was sent
      • %channel-id% - ID of the channel where the message was sent
      • %guild-name% - Name of the Discord server where the message was sent
      • %content% - Discord message text
    • commands.help.header:
      • %plugin-version% - installed version of Discord Integration plugin
    • commands.help.command:
      • %command% - command including / (for example /di reload)
      • %description% - command description, from commands.descriptions
    Possible problems (with fixes):
    Chat messages contain  character.
    This happens if message templates are not specified in your DiscordIntegration/messages.yml file and the defaults are used instead. To fix this just copy the missing entries from the default file (see the Messages section).

    To get help, suggest new features or talk about anything else you can use one of the following:
    GitHub: https://github.com/dominik-korsa/discord-integration (use the Issues tab to report issues or to request a feature)
    My Discord: Dominik Korsa#7409


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