Discord Minecraft 1.2.2

send message from discord to your Minecraft server and vice versa

  1. srinjoyss01
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin will help you send message from your discord server to your Minecraft server and vice versa.

    Here is the step by step guid on how to set it up

    1. Download the plugin and place it in the plugins directory of your Minecraft server.
    2. Start the server to generate the default config file.
    The plugin will fail to load for the first time. Then stop the server.
    3. Create a discord bot from Discord developer portal. Then copy the bot token from there, then enable
    Privileged Gateway Intents (Presence intent, Server Members intent), you'll get more information about it in the Developer portal under the bot section. Then add the bot to your discord server.
    4. Then open the discordcraft folder in the plugins directory and open the config.yml file with a text editor. You'll see two variables like this:
    token: bot token here
    - path
    5. Paste your bot token where it is written bot token here
    6. Then open discord and create a
    Webhook in the text channel you want to set to receive Minecraft messages and send messages. Then copy the Webhook link and paste it in the config.yml file where it is written path under the webhook variable. save and exit from the file.
    (You can also add list of webhooks by adding all the links

    - enter your first link
    - enter your second link )

    Now you are all set !! Start up your server and you'll be able to login to your discord Minecraft bot

    In order for the user to send messages from Minecraft to your discord server they need to initialise themselves first by doing
    /set <Their Minecraft IGN> in your discord server.

    After initialising themselves they can now send messages from Minecraft to your discord server just like normal chatting.

    any messages sent in your discord server will be sent automatically to the
    Minecraft server.


    1. Added option to choose whether to use Minecraft skin or discord pfp as the pfp of the webhook while setting up your Player using /set <Minecraft IGN> .
    2. Added /change <Minecraft IGN> command to change whether you want to use Minecraft skin or discord pfp as the pfp of the webhook , use this command only when you wish to change it after using the set command.

    If everything is set properly it'll be something like this:


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