Discord statusbot 1.2-1.18.2-Fabric

A discord bot, that shows the status of your server! Spigot, Bungee & Fabric!

  1. Mopsy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    How to configure:
    To configure the spigot version of the plugin, go here.
    To configure the BungeeCord version of the plugin, go here.
    To configure the Fabric version of the plugin, go here.

    Go to the "version history" tab, and download the edition/version you need.
    For previous Minecraft versions of the Fabric version, go here.

    For more information go to this sitehttps://github.com/mopsy14/Spigot-Statusbot/wiki/Getting-started
    If you have any questions, ask them.
    If you have any features I could add, please send a comment.

    And please post reviews, so other people know if this is a good plugin.

    If you find a bug, create an issue on github, place a comment, or join my discord server!

Recent Reviews

  1. DumpoJerome
    Version: 5.0-Spigot
    Very easy to get working, I love that it is so simple and easy to set up, and I didn't even run into any problems so far.
  2. Jxyy
    Version: 4.2
    Pretty decent but not "World Management" :)
    haven't tested but the code looks good :D
    1. Mopsy
  3. Required_YT
    Version: 4.0
    Best plugin ever. I totally recommend this plugin. Its simple but it works perfect!
    1. Mopsy
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I will continue working on it.
  4. Duke42555
    Version: 4.0
    Idk why people are giving bad reviews for this being "simple" BUT its a status bot... thats kinda like the whole point lol,
    anyway good work!
    1. Mopsy