DiscordBridge [★ FULLY CONFIGURABLE ★] 1.5

Bridge minecraft chat with discord chat and vise versa

  1. BantaGaming
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    What is DiscordBridge?
    DiscordBridge is a program that runs on your Minecraft server which is not only a plugin, but a Discord bot as well. This plugin allows you to bridge your Discord chat with your Minecraft chat. You can have as many Discord channels connected to it as you like. To keep normal Minecraft chat separate from the Discord Chat Mode, there is a command to toggle yourself into the chat mode out of the chat mode.

    The plugin currently only has a few commands to start off with. In later versions/updates I will add more commands for both the server side of the plugin and the bot side. For now, here are the commands...
    • /Discordbridge toggle - Allows the user to toggle in and out of the chat mode. When toggled ON users will be able to send message that will bridge to Discord and they will also receive messages coming from Discord.
    • /Discordbridge send <message> - Send a message to the Discord channels with a command
    • /Discordbridge reload - Pretty self-explanatory... reloads the config file :)

    Here are a list of the permissions to go with the commands that are listed.
    • discordbridge.toggle - Users with this have access to toggle the chat in-game on and off.
    • discordbridge.send - Permission to use the /Discordbridge send command.
    • discordpbridge.receive - Receive messages from Discord if the user has this permission.
    • discordbridge.reload - Once again, pretty self-explanatory... permission to reload the config file.
    Here are some screenshots...


    How to setup
    This plugin is already setup not only to perform well, but look nice and clean as well. You will not have to do much configuring yourself other than setting your Discord bot token and your Discord guild ID.

    Creating a bot user
    Firstly, you will need to create a Discord bot user. Now don't worry, this is very simple and does not require you to host, or make a separate account (unless you do not have a Discord account). Visit THIS website (make sure you login to your Discord account first on the browser), then click the button that says "New App". Give your app a name, this will be the name of the bot that will show on your Discord server. After that, click "Create App". Scroll down until you see "Bot" and then click "Create a Bot User". Once that has been done all you need to do is click "reveal token" to reveal the bot token. This is the token that you will need to enter in the config file.

    Now to add your brand new bot to your Discord server!
    Visit THIS website here and enter your Apps client ID. That can be found at the top of the app page that you just created. Now click the link at the bottom and you should be able to select the Discord server that you wish to add your bot to.

    Plugin configuration
    Mostly everything is configurable in the config.yml but the main ones that you will need to change are the "bot-token" and the "guild-id". Once you have entered both of them, make sure to restart your server. The plugin should then load up without disabling and you will be good to go. You can also configure what channels you want the Minecraft chat to show up in and also the channels that will show up in Minecraft.

    The default config can be seen here:
    Code (configyml (Unknown Language)):

    #                              #
    # DiscordBridge By BantaGaming #
    #                              #
    #          Website             #
    #  https://www.bantagaming.me  #
    #                              #

    # NOTE: This program is your bot as well as the plugin.
    # If this plugin disables, the bot will go offline too!

    # Log data about this plugin
    # (Keep this on if you can, helps me see stats on this plugin)
    metrics: true

    # This is your discord bots token. If you do
    # not have a discord bot user, you can create one
    # here: https://discordapp.com/developers
    bot-token: ""

    # Your discord guild ID. This is the
    # ID of your discord server the bot will
    # be running on. This can be found here ->
    # http://prntscr.com/i9ov0q
    guild-id: ""

    # Do you want DiscordBridge to log
    # the messages that are sent in
    # "Discord Chat Mode"
    log: true

    # Settings for your discord
       # These are the discord channels that
       # the minecraft chat will be sent to
          - "general"

       # This is the format of the chat that will display in the text channel when a message comes through from in-game.
       # (The format of the message that will be sent to the discord when a player types in-game)
       # Placeholders:
       # {PLAYER} = Player name
       # {DISPLAYNAME} = Players displayname
       # {MESSAGE} = Message
       chat-format: "[MC] **{DISPLAYNAME}**: *{MESSAGE}*"

    # Settings for your minecraft server
       # The channel names here are the channels that will bridge to
       # the server and send a message. For example, any message that is
       # sent in "general", will be displayed in-game on the server!
          - "general"

       # This is the format for the chat when a player is in "discord chat mode" (/discordchat toggle)
       # (The format of the message when a user has "Discord Chat Mode" enabled)
       # Placeholders:
       # {PLAYER} = Player name
       # {MESSAGE} = Message
       minecraft-format: "&a(DC) &a&l{PLAYER}: &f{MESSAGE}"

       # This is the format of the chat in-game if the player has discord chat channel enabled.
       # (The message that will display in-game if someone speaks in discord)
       # Placeholders:
       # {USER} = Username
       # {NICK} = Users Nickname
       # {MESSAGE} = Message
       # {ID} = User ID
       chat-format: "&d[Discord] &f&l{USER}#{ID} &7&o({NICK}): &f{MESSAGE}"

       # Should the plugin use permissions
       # to send to message from Discord to
       # minecraft chat. This has replaced
       # `see-through-toggle`. False by default
       use-permission: false

    # Messages for both minecraft and discord
          no-permission: "&c&l(!) &cOh.. Looks like you don't have permission to do that."
          no-guild-id: "&c&l(!) &cThe guild ID has not been set, you should probably tell someone :)"
          player-only: "Only players can use this command"
          config-reload: "&a&l(!) &aThe config has been reloaded"
          token-set: "&a&l(!) &aYou have set the bot token to: &n{TOKEN}"
          id-set: "&a&l(!) &aYou have set the guild ID to: &n{ID}"
          toggle-on: "&e&l(!) &eDiscord chat toggled: &a&lON\n&7&o(( You will now &nbe able&7&o to send\n&7&oand receive discord messages ))"
          toggle-off: "&e&l(!) &eDiscord chat toggled: &c&lOFF\n&7&o(( You will &nno longer&7&o be able to send\n&7&oand receive discord messages ))"

    Here are some images that will help you when setting up the plugin


    Terms of use
    • You are NOT allowed to take this plugin as your own
    • You are NOT allowed to modify or decompile the code.
    • If you review the plugin, please do not discuss an error or issue you are having there. We have a discussion area and PM's for a reason :)
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    Version: 1.5
    This is an awesome plugin. It is very easy to install and works with any plugins. I currently use this on my server, thanks! One suggestion though I think the command system should be simplified from /discordbridge TO /discord I hope you change this in the next update :)
    1. BantaGaming
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I will add an alias for the command soon
  2. Arthed
    Version: 1.5
    Is an awsome plugin. Is verry easy to install and works with any plugin. I use it on my server, thanks!
    1. BantaGaming
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review
  3. Johanlw99
    Version: 1.2
    Easy to use and install with a good guide, thanks ^^
    It works as expected and the config is easy to understand!

    Suggestion; Maybe add the option to do '/db <message>'. Would make it even better imo :)
    1. BantaGaming
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I will add your suggestion soon
  4. Shadow_Console
    Version: 1.0
    It's always hard to find that perfect Discord Bridge plugin that supports ALL Chat plugins, but I never thought of the brilliant idea of being able to toggle it, genius. This plugin is easy to setup, and works better than any other. I have one single request (could you make it so you can see the discord messages even if you don't have it toggled so that you can toggle it after you see they say something.
    1. BantaGaming
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review and I'll add your request shortly
  5. arbifac
    Version: 1.0
    No funciona-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1. BantaGaming
      Author's Response
      This is not going to help me by saying it does not work. Please PM me your issue or in the discussion area