DiscordChatBridge 1.1.1

This plugin allow you to bridge your Minecraft Server chat to a channel on your Discord Server.

  1. ATE47
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    This plugin allow you to bridge your Minecraft Server chat to a channel on your Discord Server.

    Minecraft view

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    Discord view


    Code (Text):

    /discordchat save : Save config
    /discordchat restart : restart bot
    /discordchat setchannelid (id) : set Discord channel to bridge id
    /discordchat clients (page) : List of restricted Discord clients
    /discordchat clients add (id) : Add restricted Discord client
    /discordchat clients del (id) : Remove restricted Discord client
    /discordchat groups (page) : List of restricted Discord groups
    /discordchat groups add (id) : Add restricted Discord group
    /discordchat groups del (id) : Remove restricted Discord group
    /discordchat channellist : Show all Discord guilds
    /discordchat channellist search (name) : Shearch a Discord channels
    /discordchat channellist (guildId) : Show all Discord channels for a guild
    /discordchat clientslist : Show all Discord guilds
    /discordchat clientslist search (name) : Shearch a Discord clients
    /discordchat clientslist (guildId) : Show all Discord channels for a guild
    /discordchat groupslist : Show all Discord guilds
    /discordchat groupslist search (name) : Shearch a Discord groups
    /discordchat groupslist (guildId) : Show all Discord channels for a guild


    Code (Text):
    token: #Your bot token
    channelid: #Id of the channel to link
    message_format_mc: #Ingame message when a Discord client speak / %client%:Discord client's nickname / %text%:The Message
    message_title_dc: #Discord message title when a Minecraft user speak / %player%:Minecraft player's displayname
    panel_color: #Discord message color Example: '#ff4700'
    bot_playing: #Discord bot's activity (empty to disable)
    joinMessage: #Discord message when a player join %player%:Player's displayname / %msg%:Default join message (empty to disable)
    quitMessage: #Discord message when a player quit %player%:Player's displayname / %msg%:Default quit message (empty to disable)
    deathMessage: #Discord message when a player die %player%:Player's displayname / %msg%:Default death message (empty to disable)
    restricted: false #Restrict the chat for user who have the permission (Minecraft part) or in the allowed list (Discord part)
    allowPlayerList: false #Allow to use "!playerlist" command on Discord
    groupsid: [] #Allowed groups to use the bridge (if restrict mode enabled)
    usersid: [] #Allowed users to use the bridge (if restrict mode enabled)


    Code (Text):
       description: use discordchat command
       default: op only
       description: Change channel id
       default: op only
       description: Show Discord channel list
       default: op only
       description: Show Discord clients list
       default: op only
       description: Show Discord groups list
       default: op only
       description: Save config
       default: op only
       description: Restart bot
       default: op only
       description: Modify restricted clients list
       default: op only
       description: Modify restricted groups list
       default: op only
       description: Ignore restriction when enabled
       default: op only
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  1. Spooner
    Version: 1.0
    Very easy to setup once I figured out what I was looking at. Would suggest some formatting to the way the list commands display in chat. :)
  2. SkullMC
    Version: 1.0
    Looks very promising, and I can tell I will be using this very soon. The plugin works absolutely perfect. The developer took his time on it!