DiscordLink 0.4

Relays messages between Discord and Minecraft

    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Relays messages between Discord and Minecraft

    Version 0.4a - Minecraft 1.11.2
    What is DiscordLink?
    DiscordLink is a two way relay between Spigot and Discord.

    DiscordLink supports webhooks to allow for direct relay for players.
    This allows players to interact with Discord chat bots.

    How do I use DiscordLink?
    Like any plugin, drop the plugin into the plugins folder and edit the configuration after starting the server up at least once.

    To get a Token to use the Bot feature of this plugin, head on over to:

    Create an application then create a bot user for the application.
    Copy the generated token into your configuration and start your server.

    To use webhooks to allow for custom usernames in Discord with players avatars you can generate a webhook within Discord.

    You can copy the webhook into your configuration to use it.
    You can find instructions on creating a webhook here:

    Configuring DiscordLink
    Configuration is pretty easy to do and should only take a few minutes to do.
    You can find the example configuration here:

    The configuration is pretty heavily commented describing what does what and what you need to get started.

    Supported Plugins
    DiscordLink supports a few different plugins. But you can expand upon this yourself. Just read the README for information on how to do this:

    DiscordLink supports Towny town and nation names in chat using the {town} and {nation} tags respectively. Check the configuration for more info.

    Support for ignoring messages sent to private chat channels. This includes Town chat, Nation chat and Admin chat. Any channels with the type DEFAULT or GLOBAL will be relayed. This feature will be expanded upon in future.

    Vault (Permissions + Economy)
    DiscordLink supports Vault in order to show a players permission group or balance in chat using {group.name} and {balance.value} respectively. Check the configuration for more info.

    Chat commands? Permissions?
    DiscordLink currently has no Discord chat commands and doesn't add any permissions to the game currently.

    Please bear in mind, currently ALL players and users can chat via DiscordLink. All chatter is also forwarded without respecting Towny/HeroChat/Factions chat channels. This may be added in future.

    Credits & Source
    DiscordLink uses a few existing libraries to work.

    Source Code

    Apache HTTPClient, Apache HTTPCore & Apache Commons-IO
    Used to handle the POST requests for webhooks.

    A Discord Bot framework in Java used to recieve messages or send messages as a Discord Bot

    Google GSON
    A JSON parsing and handling library used for getting webhook information.

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