DiscordMC 1.5.0

A Discord to Minecraft Chat Gateway for Spigot

  1. 1.5.0

    • Upgrade Discord4j to use latest gateway protocol
    • Fix THashMap dependency issue in some environments
  2. 1.4.12

    Version bump without major changes, however it is recommened to update to this version.
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  3. 1.4.11

    • Update to recent version of Discord4J
    • Implement fix for players unsubscribing
    • Add use_ingame_chat which allows using the same chat prefix for messages from Discord to Minecraft than it would be the other way around (basically support for chat plugins that change the way messages appear). The format will start to work as soon as a player has the same nickname in game and on discord and writes one chat message to the game chat.
    • send_game_chat_also_to_console...
  4. 1.4.10

    • Resolve potential 3rd party plugin issues
    • Ensure bot is connected to a guild
  5. 1.4.9

    • Adds the ability to mention users from in-game. Disable this by adding "use_mentions: false" to your config file
    • Fix dependency issues on some machines
  6. 1.4.8

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  7. 1.4.7

    • Strip away color codes (like §e or §6) from messages sent to Discord
  8. 1.4.6

    This update should resolve most connection issues to Discord servers.

    It is recommended to update to this version of DiscordMC as it heavily improves stability!
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  9. 1.4.5

    • Fixed issues with enabling plugin on some devices
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  10. 1.4.4

    Internal updates