DiscordMobs 0.4

Add some spice to your friend's server by randomly spawning mobs with names from your Discord server

  1. Added support for Discord Roles

    * You can now only import users that have a certain role on your Discord server. This is useful if you want only users who have a Server Booster or donater role to be imported. You can set the roles to import with the `roles:` option in config.yml

    * Improved update checker. Now will notify users with the status permission on login if new version is available.

    * Added custom charts to bStats reporting, this will help me understand how the plugin is used!
  2. Fixed 1.16 Support

    I don't know what happened but a simple "1.16" got changed to "1.17" and broke 1.16 support, should be good now.

    * Added an update checker
    * Added bStats (can be disabled from /plugins/bStats/config.yml)
  3. Support for 1.16

    * Added support for 1.16 (tested on 1.16.5)
    * Fixed /discordmobs reload (actually reloads now!)