DiscordMove !!Discontinued!! 1.0

A seamles interaction of minecraft with discord

  1. Embuer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    What is DiscordMove?
    Discord Move makes it easy for players to talk to other players on your server. If the player has linked their discord with the /discord command, they can move a player who also linked their discord to their channel if the player is in the Move Me discord channel (created automatically by the Discord bot, but you can also create it). You can also move a player by shift + right-clicking on another player. You can see if a player linked their discord when you look in tab and there is a [D].
    Red [D] = Player has linked discord but isn't in the Move Me channel
    Green [D] = Player has linked discord and is in the Move Me channel (can be moved)

    How to use:
    The plugin is easy to install. Simply drag the plugin into the plugin folder and start/reload the server. When doing this a new folder will be created in the plugin folder with the config file inside (config.yml). Open the Config file and replace the text with a discord token which you can get under https://discord.com/developers/applications.

    How to get the token step by step:
    1. Go onto https://discord.com/developers/applications
    2. Create a new applications with the button on the top right.
    3. Enter how you want to call the Discord bot.
    4. Go to the bot tab in the sidebar on the left.
    5. Click on add bot.
    6. After creating the bot click on the copy button under the text "Token".
    7. Insert this into the config and reload/restart the server.
    8. Now go to the "General Information" tab and copy the Client ID.
    9. To add the bot to your discord server go onto .
    but replace CLIENTID with the Client ID you just copied.

    I would be happy if you give a rating and share the plugin with friends.
    Feel free to donate if you like this plugin.


Recent Reviews

  1. Kriskriskristof
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin can only recommend:) Works great if u wanna play with ur friends and I can only imagine how useful it would be for a server. Good job and keep going!