DiscordMusicPlayer 3.4.4

Play music on discord fingers in the nose :D

  1. Add deutsche language

    Add deutsche language
    Thanks to @DekoLP for the traduction
  2. Update Libs + Add wav

    Update librairies for fix issue
    Add wav in fliter
  3. Add repeat one / Fix youtube search / Update libs

    Planned feature:
    - Add song from a discord textual channel
  4. Update Libs + Add repeat button in playlist

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  5. Custom the game text of the bot and update lib

    Custom the game text of the bot and update lib
    Enjoy :D

    Don't forget to donate if you like the software and if you want to say me a big thanks.

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  6. 3.3.1 Update

    Add settings.
    Some fix.
    Background and language can be configured.
    More to come later.
    Stay tuned.
  7. Music Title in playing status discord. + some fix

    Now the playing status on discord is the title of the music played.