DiscordNotify - Notifications and Utils for Discord! 2.0.0

Information and Utils for your Discord Server!

  1. TrueMB
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    This was at first a small Plugin that was mainly created for a User Request (Link).
    After Version 1.2.0 there came new Features that @everyone should need with a Discord Server. If you still miss a Feature, feel free to write me on Discord!

    Version v2 now also Supports Bungeecord!



    This Plugin needs to have Spicord installed, so that I can talk with a Bot on the Discord Server.

    1. Put all the .jars (Spicord.jar and DiscordNotify.jar) in the plugins folder
      For Bungeecord put the DiscordNotify.jar and Config on every Server!
    2. Start the Server once and stop it
    3. Look into the Spicord Installation and then setup the config in the DiscordNotify directory.
      - The Name of the Bot, that is defined in the config from Spicord (Options.DiscordBot)
      - The MySQL Connection (Database..)
      - Enable the Features you like to use (FeaturesEnbabled..)
      - The Channel ids for the features (Channel...). How?
    4. To enabled the Features PlayerInfo and Verify you need to add following Addons in the Spicord Config: disnotify:: playerinfo and disnotify::verify
    5. Then you can start the Server and are good to go!

    If you update a config on Bungeecord Setup, then copy it to every server again.



    Checks in the Config given Timer for Players Inactivity. Should a player be offline for days, the bot will send a message to the channel.

    Player Join and Quit:
    Pretty much like the name says. Informs the Discord on a Player Connection or Disconnection.

    Player Death:
    Should a Player die on the Minecraft Server, there will be a message on the Discord as well.

    Synchronisation between the Minecraft Server and Discord. If you want Player to send messages from Discord to Minecraft, you need to leave "Options.Chat.syncDiscord" enabled. Otherwise only Minecraft Message will be send to Discord.

    Works the same like the Chat Feature, but can only be triggert ingame with /staff <message>. The players also need the Permission "dn.staff" for it. On Discord you need to change on your own the Permissions for the channel.

    Allows you to get Player Informations from the Discord!
    Command: +playerinfo <IngameName/UUID>
    The + is your Discord Prefix.

    Verification between Discord and Minecraft. You need to create the "verified" group on your Discord. Or change the Name in the Config. But a group is needed! To start you need to send a Discord command: +verify <IngameName>. After that you only need to click on the message Ingame and thats all!

    Role Sync:
    Synchronisation of your Ingame Groups with Discord! Normally the same group name will be searched on your Discord. If there is a difference, please disable "Options.RoleSync.useIngameGroupNames" in the Config and set them up under "Options.RoleSync.customGroupSync".

    /verify accept
    - Accept the Verification Request
    /verify deny - Deny the Verification Request
    /verify unlink - Unlink your Minecraft Account with Discord
    /staff <Message> - Write a Message in the Staff Only Chat
    /staff <on/off> - Turns on/off the Staff Chat for you.
    /dchat - Joins or Leaves the Discord Chat (only if enabled in Config, otherwise it is always synced).

    + is my discord Prefix. Please use your own there

    +verify <IngameName> - Starts a Verification with a Minecraft Account
    +playerinfo <IngameName/UUID> - Sends you all Information for a Player

    Possible to edit in the Config.

    StaffChat: dn.staff

    There are many Placeholders in the Config to use.
    For Bungeecord it is also sometimes possible to use %server% for the current server.

    Contact Informations:
    Here in Discussions: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/discordnotify-notifications-and-utils-for-discord.515879/

    If you like this plugin please consider to rate it. And if you like to donate.





Recent Reviews

  1. GreenLikeBedwar
    Version: 1.2.1
    Amazing plugin! I have a some questions like can you disable commands and stuff. Im waiting for bungee cord support most because i have spicord install on my proxy!
    1. TrueMB
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!

      But please use reviews only for experience with the plugin and not questions and suggestions.

      For questions/suggestions please use the discord server.

      But it is possible to disable every feature in the config. Also the Bungeecord Support is in progress.
  2. SimulNetwork
    Version: 1.2.0
    This is the first Spigot review I've ever written. -- I usually don't feel like my input is very important for plugins with hundreds or even thousands of downloads.

    I do however feel that it is important in this case.

    I want to make it clear that this plugin not only functions as intended, but is maintained by a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person. If there are any issues with the functionality of the plugin, just let him know, I did, and he helped me out immediately.

    The Spigot community could use more people like TrueMB.
  3. Kwagmier
    Version: 1.1.0
    Mods works as stated, great for administrative review on the go.
    The only downside was having a hard requirement for mySQL. I had to create a separate database for this. Which is more overhead and database management than I would have liked.
    Would be 5/5 otherwise.

    The configuration has extensive customizations for the embedded discord messages using the Spicord plugin's configured bots.

    I'm still finetuning my configuration for how often I want to be notified on inactive users.
    1. TrueMB
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Review!

      The MySQL Connections is needed for Informations, that needs to be saved, before the player goes offline. F.e. The last Position of the player.

      Also there are more features planned, that will need a database connection.