DiscordNotify - Notifications and Utils for Discord! 2.0.0

Information and Utils for your Discord Server!

  1. Bungeecord Update!

    The time has come! The DiscordNotify Update for Bungeecord Server!
    It took me a long time to change the system, so that it works for Bungeecord and Bukkit. I hope you guys enjoy it!

    For Bungeecord please change the config and copy it together with the jar to every other server.
    Also if you update, always update the other configs as well.

    + Bungeecord Support
    + Hex Colors
    + Created the possibility, to join or leave the Discord Chat with /dchat (needs to be enable in the config.)
  2. Bugfixes and Discord Verification Nickname change

    - Fixed loading issues of Members in the DiscordVerificationEvent
    - Fixed Bot not loading, if Inactivity Feature is disabled.

    - If a player verifies, his name gets changed on the Discord to his Ingame Minecraft Name. (Normally disabled, can be changed in the config)

    Thanks to @SimulNetwork for the Bug report!

    Inactivity Bug Fix!

    New Features:

    - PlayerDeath
    - Chat
    - Staff
    - PlayerInfo
    - Verification
    - RoleSync

    Please look on the Main Page for more Informations. For help please join my Discord or here in Discussions.
  4. More Placeholder and Dis/Connect Messages!

    New Update. Needs a Config Reset and a MySQL Connection!

    + Added Message on Player Connect or Disconnect
    + The possibility to only use a message or an embed Message
    + More Placeholders
    + Better Embed Design
  5. Public Release

    Added Update Checker and public Release