DiscordSRV 14.8

A Minecraft to Discord and back linkage plugin.

  1. Scarsz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    The most powerful, configurable, open-source Discord bridge plugin out there.
    Intended usage
    Using this plugin, you are able to give players the ability to chat in-game to chat with players on your Discord server as well as having people on the Discord server be able to chat with people on the server- this is useful for the situation of someone not being at their computer and being able to talk in-game.

    As well as that, this plugin also has a remote console feature. You can designate a text channel for the plugin to listen on where messages sent to that channel are run as commands by the server console. You should restrict sending this channel to a developer or high ranking role only. Due to how Discord's permissions work, though, you can have some server roles being able to see the console, yet not being able to send messages in that channel, thus creating a read-only console for trusted staff members.

    Both the chat and console link are toggleable through the configuration file. Some, but not all, options can be refreshed with /discord reload, by an op. VanishNoPacket permissions like silent join/quit, fake join/quit and join without announcing are checked when sending player join messages in the chat channel.

    Java 8 is required. It's recommended to go to DiscordSRV's wiki at https://github.com/Scarsz/DiscordSRV/wiki/Installation for picture instructions to install DiscordSRV but you can just follow these steps if you want a straight forward install.

    1. Create a new application at https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me/create
    2. On the application's page, click "Create a Bot User" and confirm
    3. Install the plugin, run & stop the server, then open the configuration file
    4. Paste in the token from the application page to the config
    5. Go to https://scarsz.me/authorize & paste your application's Client ID value to the page
    6. In the config option labeled Channels, input your global chat channel's ID under "global"- you can set more channels up here and their linked channels.
      1. For reference, to obtain a channel ID, go to the cog on the bottom left of Discord, go to the appearance tab, enable developer mode. From there you can right click a guild, channel, user, or role and there will be a "Copy ID" option
    7. Optionally add a console channel's ID in the config
    8. Run through all the config options, you'll be surprised with how many features this plugin has
    9. Profit
    Have only the best
    See the comparison chart for DiscordSRV and DiscordMC available here: https://scarsz.me/comparison

    Supported plugins
    DiscordSRV implements with a fair amount of plugins for chat and vanish functionality. We recommend you try VentureChat by Aust1n46 but plugins such as Herochat, VentureChat, Essentials, Premium/Super vanish, VanishNoPacket, and Multiverse all have functionality in DiscordSRV.

    All of DiscordSRV's commands can be exposed from /discord. This includes but isn't limited to /discord toggle which toggles sending Discord messages back/forth for you- tell your players about this command!


    How do I fix the error "Unsupported major.minor version 52.0?"
    Update the server's Java JRE version to Java 8. <1.8 is unsupported.

    I reloaded the plugin/server and now it won't work

    When I join/quit my server, a message isn't sent in the chat channel for me. What gives?
    You have one of DiscordSRV's permissions to join/quit silently. To disallow this, give yourself or the group one of the following depending on what you want to allow.


    My console is spamming "waiting 1 ms"- how do I turn that off?
    Open the config and change the "RateLimitSleepVerbose" option to false

    First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pizza. If you would like to donate, go to https://www.paypal.me/Scarsz/10. $10 is the suggested amount but you can donate however much you would like- anything is a massive thank you from me. In the note put your Discord username and if you're in DiscordSRV's server you'll be set as a donator and you'll receive some neat perks in the future. If you donated without the note, send me a PM on Discord and I'll manually check it.

    If you want to interface DiscordSRV with your plugin, you can do so by adding the Maven dependency or adding the plugin jar to your project. For an example of this, see https://github.com/Scarsz/DiscordSRV-ApiTest. Be sure to add "DiscordSRV" to your plugin's plugin.yml depends/softdepends list.

    Data usage
    Data collection
    Anything and everything shown at https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/DiscordSRV will be visible to the public with your server included in the statistics. This is only for statistics, no private information of your server is sent. If you don't want your server included in this, specify the config option "MetricsDisabled" and set it to "true" in the config.

    Update checking
    I have absolutely no clue why you would want to disable this, but if you do, set the "UpdateCheckDisabled" config option to "true".

Recent Updates

  1. Build 14.8
  2. Build 14.6
  3. Build 14.5

Recent Reviews

  1. arockstar28
    Version: 14.8
    Excellent plugin, no issues. Really hope there are new features! Don't forget to work on Emporium!
  2. bencethegreat
    Version: 14.8
    This is an awesome plugin! Apart from a few issues, it's very useful. It helps players chat with others that are on the server, all within discord!
  3. HeavenCrafter
    Version: 14.8
    You should make a bot that hooks your youtube channel, each time you upload a video you get a notification on your discord group~ Just sayin, cuz this plugin is AMAZING~
  4. Zefferis
    Version: 14.8
    After setting it up our players love the bot; it provides an easy and accessible way for players to keep in touch offline and online; ontop that you can make a separate admin only channel for the console, which is esp useful for people who host their server with a service and don't wish to use the website console to issue commands. Easy and accessible.
  5. LegitRisk
    Version: 14.8
    I absolutely love this plugin, although at first I had a problem. I joined the discord because it was a small problem and pm'd an administrator of said discord. They denied my request when for no given reason then joined and said I was being annoying. In following they kicked me and disabled the discord link that opens up the discord server so I nobody can access it now.
    1. Scarsz
      Author's Response
      1. We can't "deny" support to anyone. It's a completely open system. You join our Discord, you enter your message, a support ticket is made. Nothing more than that.

      2. If either of us has said that you were being "annoying" (which I doubt) upon requesting support, chances are high that you didn't read our support directions.

      3. You were never kicked from our Discord. http://i.imgur.com/klLrj9T.png. If you were banned, however, you were abusively advertising in our server but I doubt that this "per8888" is you. http://i.imgur.com/pU96rIZ.png

      4. https://scarsz.me/discord remains as the valid link to join our Discord and the underlying link has never been invalidated. We wouldn't take such effort to completely invalidate our invite URL just because we don't like you. Don't be silly.
  6. AlexArrow465
    Version: 14.6
    Good plugin, Its running smoothly on my server and discord server.
    100 characters.
    1. Scarsz
      Author's Response
  7. lapius
    Version: 14.7
    At first i had some issues but it works. Thank you for this glorious plugin. I have to write more text...
  8. ErikV
    Version: 14.7
    Everything you would want from a discord linking plugin!
    Great developer=Great plugin!
  9. MrP00petYT
    Version: 14.7
    One problem tho:

    [12:27:43 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] This build of DiscordSRV is ahead of master and develop. [latest private dev build]
    [12:27:44 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Language initialized as English
    [12:27:44 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Thank you so much to these people for allowing DiscordSRV to grow to what it is: Ac3dUd3, Androkai, anton8604, buildblox, Bysokar, CoreyD97, DeeKay, Diamondman121314/DMAN, FataL, Foxy, geekhideout, Helmic, KaizenWorlds, LDSG Ghost, Mick, Mitecraft, Rui, Ryan (The Loyal One), Sicnus
    [12:27:45 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] [JDA] Login Successful!
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] [JDA] Connected to WebSocket
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] [JDA] Finished Loading!
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Found server G:P00petCraft(306797315010854912)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:announcements(330969052073951233)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:general(306797315010854912)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:staffchat(310311033187205132)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:voicechat(327822064188784641)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:party-chat(333833099395727370)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:dogz(333637139206111234)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:catz(333637154825568256)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:command-tester(333638435602563102)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:commandz(333853237709111298)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:mc-server-chat(336048143701508097)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] - TC:mc-server-console(336060963050618880)
    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Console forwarding assigned to channel TC:mc-server-console(336060963050618880)

    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] No chat plugin hooks enabled <----------

    [12:27:46 INFO]: [DiscordSRV] Colors: {3498DB=&3, 71368A=&5, 95A5A6=&7, AD1457=&d, 11806A=&2, 206694=&1, 1ABC9C=&a, 992D22=&4, E67E22=&6, A84300=&6, E74C3C=&c, 2ECC71=&a, 979C9F=&7, 607D8B=&8, 99AAB5=&f, F1C40F=&e, 1F8B4C=&2, E91E63=&d, 9B59B6=&5, C27C0E=&6, 546E7A=&8}

    When I type in the discord chat, it works, but when I talk in MC, nothing nutta Zero.

    How do I fix this???
    1. Scarsz
  10. ZetaGaming
    Version: 14.4
    Good And Quite Easy to Install
    Its easier than you imagine trust me just follow the authors instructions
    BTW please add my server TitanMC.mcpro.io to the servers that are using your plugin <3