DiscordWhitelist 1.0

Get a whitelist based in your discord roles

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    • 1.16
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    Powerful resource to get a whitelist in your server
    based in your discord roles
    Basic Usage
    This plugin is used to link your minecraft server with one (or multiple) discord server to avoid manually adding people to the whitelist.
    As an extra, this whitelist includes a spectator-mode option in the config.yml that allows non-whitelisted users to keep as spectators in the server.
    Streamers Usage (Twitch)
    You can link this plugin to the Twitch Subscriber role getting this way a only-subs whitelisted server.

    How to Install
    1. Drop the jar file into the /plugins folder.
    2. Start the server and let it generate /plugins/discordwhitelist folder.
    3. Stop the server and modify config.yml (you must instert your discord's bot token)
    How to get a discord token
    1. Go to https://discord.com/developers/applications/
    2. Create a new application (name it as you want)
    3. Add a new bot (name it as you want)
    4. Go to BOT section and enable Presence Intent and Server Member Intent
    5. Copy BOT token and add it to the config.yml
    6. Go to OAUTH2 and copy the CLIENT ID
    7. Go to https://discordapi.com/permissions.html#968896 and paste the Client ID
    8. Use the generated link to add your bot to your server.
    9. Your bot is successfully setup.
    How to get server/channel ids
    1. Go to your Discord Settings.
    2. Go to advanced tab.
    3. Enable Developer Mode.
    4. Right click any channel/server/guild/member/role that you want to get the id and click COPY ID.
    Commands / Permissions
    /verify list - discordwhitelist.verify.list
    /verify remove <nickname> - discordwhitelist.verify.remove

    The /verify command exists but it shouldn't be used manually.

    Need help?
    I will help you asap, just join my discord https://discord.gg/Ac7M7rz8P2 and call me for help!

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    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin! it's a good idea and increases the security of the servers, keep it up!