Discraft-Plugin 1.0.14

Plugin for Discraft - Whitelist and Utility Bot

  1. Added `d!status` to get current information about the server

    d!status - Fetches information about the server such as the version, TPS, online players and uptime. The IP is only displayed if cangetip is true.
  2. Added `linkonstart` option

    By default you have to manually link the server to the bot every time your IP changes. This is fine for most servers but some people may need to link on each startup if the IP changes each time.

    This can be changed in the config.yml
  3. Added Update Checker

    On startup, the plugin will check if there is an update for the plugin and notify you.
  4. Added Website links

    To make configuration easier you can now use /discraft website which gives you the link to the website.
    /discraft invite has also been added that gives the link to invite the bot.
  5. Added "localhost" warning

    When using /discraft link, the server IP is obtained however, if the IP is not set correctly, then the Discraft bot cannot connect to the minecraft server. Therefore I have added a warning for this.
  6. Fixed the plugin from crashing when reloading the server

    Found an issue that doing /reload breaks the plugin until a server restart