Dislocator Item 1.4

Save, tp and erase Locations/Warps in ONE item!

  1. MrMaurice211
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Plugin based in Dislocator item from: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/draconic-evolution

    This is my first version of this plugin, is really basic (too basic) through the time i add will more features.

    • /dislocator give - You receive a Dislocator!
    • /dislocator give <player> - <player> receive a Dislocator!
    • /dislocator reload - Just reload the config.
    • /dislocator help - Shows the command menu
    • /dislocator update - This is a command to use when you change the material and/or name of Dislocator, you need the have the item in the hand to use this command. Usfeul too when you want to convert any item in a Dislocator item
    • dislocator.item: Allows you to use the 'give' command.
    • dislocator.item.others: Allows you to use the 'give <player>' command.
    • dislocator.fuel.bypass: Allows you to use the Dislocator without fuel.
    • dislocator.use: Allows you to use the Dislocator item.
    • dislocator.update: Allows you to use the 'update' command.
    • dislocator.reload: Allows you to use the 'reload' command.
    • dislocator.limit.#/dislocator.item.*: Allows the player to add a specific number of Locations on their Dislocator item. '*' means maximum of 100 Locations. 'dislocator.use' gives you the power of add 1 Location.
    To add a new location: Left Click
    To select a location: Shift + Right Click
    To tp to a selected location: Right Click
    To remove the selected location: Shift + Left Click

    All the locations can be seen in the item Lore!
    The selected location is showed with Green Color

    Custom item - Done.
    Command to get the item - Done.
    Limit of Locations - Done.
    Cost on use - Done.

    Custom messages.
    TP cooldown - Maybe
    Sound on tp?
    I accept suggestions!


Recent Updates

  1. Fuel Update!
  2. Warp limit!
  3. Mini config added and more commands!