Dispener Shears 1.8+

For older versions where dispensers can't shear

  1. Jakwok
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    • Crafting recipe: dispenser in the middle, the rest full of shears.
    • The DispenserShears are saved to a .yml file: uuid of DispenserShear, range, location & player who placed it. When breaking your DispenserShear, it gets removed from the .yml file.
    • Every DispenserShear searches all 1.5 (configurable) seconds for leaves or sheeps in the range of blocks (currently only in one direction (where the dispenser is facing), no circle/radius).
    • When a sheep is inside that range and has wool on it and isn't a baby, it gets sheared and the wool gets put into a hopper (if there is any) under the dispenser. After every shear, 1 shear inside the dispenser loses 1 durability.
    • The hopper doesn't suck in the shears from the dispenser.
    • When a leaf block is inside that range, it gets sheared too and the drops gets put into the hopper (if there is any) too. You can configure what the leaf block should drop (leaf-block, apple, sapling).

    • (Durability support comming soon)
    • As I said already before, the player who created/placed the DispenserShear is saved. When a other player that hasn't got the permission DispenserShears.*, he can't open the inventory of the dispenser or break the block.
    • When breaking a DispenserShear in creative mode, only the contents of the dispenser get dropped. When breaking it with an other game mode, the contents of the dispenser and the DispenserShear itself get dropped.
    • I added some sound effects for: when a sheep/leafblock gets sheared and if a shear breaks.

    /DispenserShear [range] [amount] - Gives you a DispenserShear with the given range or amount (not necessary) Aliases: /DS
    /DispenserShears - Shows you the DispenserShears you created.

    How to use it:
    1. Give yourself the DispenserShear with the command or craft it.
    2. Place it on the floor.
    3. Put some shears inside it.
    4. Power it with redstone (Power it indirectly or the hopper won't let items go through).
    5. Wait for some sheeps to come nearby or build an automatic sheep/tree farm

    Disclaimer: This isn't mine, I just wanted to upload it so I could play it with my friends on a aternos server.
    The real creator is Fisheylp
    Go show him some love!