DispenserTools 2.0

Add items / Fire / Edit Dispensers in a radius or a WorldEdit region

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    Newest tested Bukkit/Spigot version: 1.8.8
    Optional dependency for cuboid selections: WorldEdit
    If you want enchanted or renamed items use /dt <radius> hand [amount]. This uses the item in your hand!

    *Dropper support
    *Infinite dispensers, perfect for traps and events
    *Easy filling of giant Silvester fireworks
    *Fill any item in dispensers via item-name or item-id with data values for e.g. zombie spawn eggs with 383:54
    *Clear dispensers
    *dispense items of dispensers
    *WorldEdit selections support
    *Radius and WorldEdit mode
    *Only one command

    Thanks for this video by VariationVault:

    My old video:

    Commands and Permissions
    The main command is: /dispensertools
    The main permissions which contains all other is: DispenserTools.all
    The permission to get update Notifications is: DispenserTools.updateinfo (You'll also get the notification if you have the ".all" Permission )

    Alias: /dito or /p or /dispenser or /disp
    Permission: DispenserTools.help
    Shows the Help if you use it without Arguments​
    /dt reload\\
    Alias: /dt r
    Permission: DispenserTools.reload
    Reloads the config if you changed something in it and don't want to restart/reload you entire server​
    /dt <radius> [item] [amount]
    Permission: DispenserTools.interact
    Only <radius> is required
    Replace <radius> with:
    Alias: s or sel
    Use the WorldEdit selection​
    Example: 10 or 20
    use a number to interact with all blocks in this distance arround you​
    Replace [item] with:
    Item-name or Item-id
    Examples: 'snow_ball' or '262' or 'spawn_egg:54' or '383:54'
    Fills [amount] of the item in the dispensers in the selection/radius​
    Aliases: fw, f\\
    Fills [amount] random generated fireworks in the dispensers in the selection/radius
    By default the plugin will fill every slot of the dispenser with different fireworks. E.G if you choose 27 as [amount] it will fill every slot of every dispenser in the selection/radius with 3 firework (3per slot * 9 slot equals with 27). You can disable this in the config.yml. Then it'll put 27 fireworks in the first slot.​
    Aliases: co, number, num, n
    Changes the count of every items in every dispenser in the selection to [amount]
    Use 'infinite' / 'inf' or 'i' as amount to create infinite dispensers!
    Example: One dispenser is filled with 23 iron and 10 arrows and you type "/dt 10 count 64" as result it will be filled with 64 iron and 64 arrows​
    Alias: d
    Dispenses [amount] Items from the selected dispensers. Will shot arrows / fireworks and drop items like stone​
    Alias: c
    Clears all items in Dispensers in the selected Area/Radius​
    nothing or hand
    Alias: h
    If you leave it blank it will use the item in your hand to fill [amount] of it into all dispensers in the selection/radius
    Supports item data values like spawn eggs and wool colors
    IMPORTANT: you can't define an [amount] then unless you use 'hand' or 'h'!​
    Replace [amount] with:
    A number
    The number will be used for filling, changing item count and dispensing items from dispensers​
    Alias: inf, i
    Only works if [item] is an actual item, firework or count. It uses infinite stack that will expire never :D
    If you leave the argument blank the default stack size (64) will be used for filling and changing count, but one for dispensing​


    Simply put the "DispenserTools.jar" in your "plugins" folder and reload or restart the server.

    Config file (\plugins\DispenserTools\config.yml):

    splitFireworks: true
    This splits Fireworks, that every slot of the dispensers is filled with other fireworks. E.G you use 18 fireworks as amount every slot will contain two fireworks and every slot has other fireworks. If you set it to false the first slot of the dispenser will be filled with 18 fireworks.​
    dropper: true
    Enable/disable support for droppers. If you enable it you can edit dispensers and droppers with the above commands.​
    updateinfo: true
    Print's an update notification in the server log and in the chat for ops and players with DispenserTools.updateinfo or DispenserTools.all​
    enabledebug: false
    This enables the debug mode which loggs everything the plugin does in the console. It's recommend to turn it off, becauce it causes heavy laggs!​

    •Add the possibility to use item data. E.g. 35:4 for yellow wool.
    •Add automatic update infos
    •Add support for the new droppers in 1.5

    Write a comment if you have suggestions :)


    "+" added something

    "-" removed something

    "~" changed something

    + compatibility with Bukkit/Spigot version 1.8.8
    ~ bugfixes
    + item data values are possible! Example: 35:11 for blue wool or stone_pickaxe:50 for a damaged pickaxe :)
    + color codes for custom item names and item lores
    + custom item lores
    + custom item name
    + custom item enchantments
    ~ improved ingame help
    + possibility to use 'infinite' / 'inf' / 'i' for fireworks, filling and setting number
    + possibility to change amount of items (/dt s **count** infinite)
    + 'hand' / 'h' argument to use the item in your hand
    ~ changed some message colors
    ~ improved help text
    ~ some small bugfixes
    + support for Droppers
    + update notifications
    ~ cleaned up plugin.yml
    ~ increased the max number of effects for random fireworks\\
    + First version

Recent Updates

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