DisplayItem rewrite for 1.13-1.14.4 - (post items in chat) 2.4-alpha

Display your items in chat with full information on hover.

  1. 2.4 alpha - better replacement support

    This is an early alpha - you should test this with your configuration before using this on a live server.
    • Added PlaceholderAPI support to all format configurations to allow PAPI Expansion use similar to existing replacements. This lets you use information from other plugins in DisplayItem formatting - eg: %essentials_nickname% if the Essentials expansion is enabled in...
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  2. 2.3.4 - regression bugfix

    • fixes spam-prevention message appearing for posts without DisplayItem replacement strings in them - now a replacement is checked for first before applying the check, like in previous versions. (caused by a regression in 2.3.3)
    changes included from 2.3.3 (removed):
    • fixes some internal replacements for formatting using replaceAll instead of replace which could cause some odd behavior if the string is a valid Regex pattern -...
  3. 2.3.2 - book name information

    This update includes a couple options allowing book information to be shown as the item-name in chat.
    • added new configuration option usebooknameformat (default: true) which causes the item name (represented by the macro %item%) to be replaced by a formatted book name (see below).
      Note: a book can have both a title (set when signing) and a displayname (set by an anvil) - the DisplayName will always override the book name, as it appears in the...
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  4. 2.3.1b - minor fixes & requested feature

    • fixed: default item label for unnamed items should use the same camel-case as %itemtype% macro.
    • added: [Requested feature] new configuration option sendmodifiedchatevent (default: true) which controls whether the new modified chat event (ReplacedChatEvent) is sent and watched for state.
      By default, DisplayItem notifies other plugins of the new chat message after replacement occurs and allows them a chance to block the message (and block DisplayItem from...
  5. 2.3 alpha - restructuring / new configuration options to decrease plugin conflicts

    • restructured chat formatting internals
    • added: added new configuration option listenerpriority which sets the priority (order of plugins processing chat events) in which DisplayItem replaces items in chat events. You can set this lower (replace sooner), or higher (replace later) in order to be compatible with your own chat plugins.
      Valid values for this setting are:
    • added: added new configuration...
  6. 2.2.1 - bugfix

    • fixed: removes username formatting added to ReplacedChatEvent message in error.
      The sender is already represented as an player field in the event and the message field is only meant to represent the text the user sent, not their nickname/formatting.
      This should fix usernames appearing twice for messages in chat plugins like DiscordSRV when posting an item in chat.
    Please report any changes or problems with behavior.
  7. 2.2 alpha 1

    • fixed/added: the chat event is now correctly resent with the resolved text included. This allow the final message to appear in third-party plugins like DiscordSRV. This new event is described below for developer use.
    • fixed: the event priority was changed to LOWEST so that DisplayItem can capture and replace the message before chat filtering and allow the resent message to be cancelled by filtering.
      If this was not done, filter plugins like...
  8. 2.0 - chat protections

    • Implements a length limit for the item's JSON conversion after which the item will not have a hover option. This solves some exceptions when processing messages containing items with too many tags (for example: a shulker filled with many items with tags).
    • Adds configuration option jsonlimit (default 10000) which controls the upper limit mentioned above. (For reference, a 19000 character json was tested to produce around a 40000 character NBT, and you...