Districts V1.4

Districts is like GriefPrevention, but players can sell/buy, lease/rent their claims!

  1. Tastybento

    This plugin is no longer being supported or maintained. Please feel free to use it if you like, but I have no time to continue to work on it.

    Districts is like GriefPrevention, but players can sell/buy, lease/rent their claims!

    Claims are made by command, or using a golden hoe. Once a district is claimed, the district is protected from griefing. District owners can rent out a district for a weekly fee, or sell the district for a price. District owners or renters can add trusted players to a district who then have most of the same rights as the owner or renter.

    Video Tutorial on the Plugin (Portuguese)
    Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/Districts)

    • Districts are made easily by using /d claim <radius>, which will make a square claim around you
    • Districts can also be made using a golden hoe - hit one corner of the claim and the other corner
    • Players are notified when they enter a district and exit a district
    • Districts are automatically protected once made - admins can change the settings via config.yml
    • Districts can be freely traded or rented out. This enables houses or buildings to be rented or sold
    • Admins can give or take blocks away from players
    • Supports multiple worlds (see config.yml)
    • Control panel GUI access to commands
    • More protection of districts (lava/water flows, etc.)
    • Players can buy blocks for money - admins set the block price
    • Automatic block allocation is supported by custom permissions (see below for instructions)
    • Visualizations are configurable - e.g., diamond blocks, glowstone, etc.
    Required Plugins
    • Vault - make sure you use the latest version!
    • Some kind of Economy Plugin, like Essentials
    Installation and Configuration
    1. Download and install Vault and an Economy Plugin like Essentials if you haven't done so
    2. Download the plugin
    3. Place into your plugins folder
    4. Restart your server (or reload plugins)
    5. The plugin will make a folder called Districts. Open that folder.
    6. Check config.yml and edit to be what you want.
    7. Type /dadmin reload in the game to reload the config or restart the server.
    8. Done! To make your first district, type /d claim 2 to make a small claim.
    9. Please write a review (if you like this plugin)!
    Player Commands
    • /district or /dist or /d can be used for short.
    • /district help - lists these commands
    • /d claim <radius>: Claims a square district with you in the middle
    • /d view: Toggles the red district boundary visualization on or off
    • /d pos: Sets a position for a district corner
    • /d balance: Shows you how many blocks you have to use for districts
    • /d remove: Removes a district that you are standing in if you are the owner
    • /d info: Shows info on the district you are in
    With BuyBlock Permission:
    • /d buyblocks: Shows the price of blocks
    • /d buyblocks <number>: Tries to buy some blocks
    With Advanced Player Permission:
    • /d buy: Attempts to buy the district you are in
    • /d rent: Attempts to rent the district you are in
    • /d rent <price>: Puts the district you are in up for rent for a weekly rent
    • /d sell <price>: Puts the district you are in up for sale
    • /d cancel: Cancels a For Sale, For Rent or a Lease
    • /d trust <playername>: Gives player full access to your district
    • /d untrust <playername>: Revokes trust to your district
    • /d untrustall: Removes all trusted parties from your district
    Admin Commands
    • /dadmin reload
    • /dadmin balance <player>: shows how many blocks player has
    • /dadmin info <player>: provides info on the player
    • /dadmin give <player> <blocks>: give player some blocks
    • /dadmin take <player> <blocks>: remove blocks from player
    • /dadmin set <player> <blocks>: set the number of blocks a player has
    Code (Text):
         description: Gives access to basic player commands
         default: true
         description: Basic commands plus player trusting
         default: false
         description: Gives access to advanced player commands (buy, sell, rent)
         default: false
         description: Enable block purchasing
         default: false
         description: Gives access to admin commands
         default: op
    How to set up automatic block giving
    Here is the relevant section from config.yml:
    Code (Text):
       # Who gets blocks and how many
       # permission: <number of blocks>:<max>
       # List permission and how many blocks they get every tick and the maximum #
       # The permission can be anything you like, but you have to add it to the
       # players using a permissions plugin or other plugin.
         #Default permission
         districts.player: 1:100
         #Advanced permission
         districts.advancedplayer: 2:200
         #These are just examples - make your own or use them if you like
         districts.vip: 3:300
         districts.donor: 20:500
         districts.superdonor: 100:1000
       # How often to give out the blocks in minutes, if zero, blocks will never be given
       # Players must be *online* to receive blocks, so a small number is okay.
       # Blocks stop being given when the player maxes out.
       blocktick: 1
    Blocks are given out to online players who have the right permissions. Each special permission is listed in the config.yml file in the blockgroups section. You can create your own permission name - it can be anything, but I recommend making it start with "districts". Each permission has a number of blocks they will receive every block tick, and a maximum they can have at any time. For example, from the file above, super donors will receive 100 blocks every minute until they max out at 1000 blocks. If they spend those blocks, they will refill back up the 1000.

    The default block tick is 1 minute. Set it to be something that fits your server, for example 10 minutes. Remember, players will only get blocks if they are online.

    If you do not want to use auto-block allocation, do not give players the permissions or set the block tick to zero.

    To Do
    • Enable full customization of what is allowed or not allowed on a per district basis by the owner (Done: V0.6)
    • Allow district naming (Done: V0.6)
    • Allow entry and and exit message customization (Done: V0.6)
    • Enable renters to have a subset of rights compared to owners (Done V0.6)
    • Allow customization of the rental period (currently 1 week)
    • Enable owners to see a list of their districts
    Source Code
    Source code can be found here.

    Stats Disclosure
    This plugin utilizes a plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

    • A unique identifier
    • The server's version of Java
    • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    • The plugin's version
    • The server's version
    • The OS version/name and architecture
    • The core count for the CPU
    • The number of players online
    • The Metrics version
    Visit mcstats.org if you would like to learn more about the stats collected. Go into /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml to disable stat collecting if you wish.
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      Thanks! Bug fixed in V1.2.
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      Tis UUID capable. :-)